Yilmaz Bektas apologizes to Ruffa Gutierrez and her family

"We decide to finish our story just last night. It's now final decision, 14 June 2007. We completely break up," says Yilmaz Bektas about his relationship with Ruffa Gutierrez.

After over a month, it seems that the Ruffa Gutierrez-Yilmaz Bektas "soap opera" is about to end.

It was last May 8, 2007, when Ruffa told veteran entertainment columnist Ricky Lo that she and Yilmaz have decided to end their four-year marriage. The two were married last May 25, 2003 in a lavish Christian ceremony held at the NBC Tent, and later they had a Muslim wedding in Istanbul, Turkey.

Soon after, the estranged couple hurled statements and accusations against each other. Yilmaz accused Ruffa of causing the failure of their marriage because of her showbiz career. Ruffa defended herself and then the story went on and on and on like a teleserye with the media and the public waiting for the next episode.

More revelations were unearthed: Ruffa was still married to a certain Ricard Daloia when she got married to Yilmaz, Ruffa claimed that she is a battered wife—surviving electrocution, 15 hours of torture, etc.


Yilmaz, for the first time since his marriage to Ruffa, became sort of a "media darling," calling entertainment columnists and Philippine TV news to tell his seemingly different stories depending on his moods.

In his interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) contributor Nelson Canlas last June 14, which was printed on PEP yesterday, Yilmaz said he is "cooling back" from Ruffa and from the media to let his anger subside. He admitted that it was his anger that made him say hurtful words to Ruffa and her family.

Then, in a long text message to Ricky Lo of Philippine STAR yesterday, June 15 (and printed today, June 16), Yilmaz decided to put a period on this saga that the media and the public have feasted on.

Here is Yilmaz's unedited text message to Ricky:

"Tito Ricky, it was when beginning time we have interview with you. Now I am requesting with you for ending. I would like to finish this story with you, with Ruffa we deciding end this story because of me. Even we love each other so much, cannot be fix because my disrespect words. When I use my words, it was I am so angry and out of my mind.


"Just I was try to survive my honor and my family but I forget my wife, mother of my children, and Gutierrez family also carrying my honor. Whatever I am saying, those people not deserving. But whatever to Ruffa and her mom said to me I deserve all this words. However, until today whoever believe and trust my words I am apologize to them because I was wrong!

"I am not deserve Ruffa and her love because she was good wife, good mother and good human, but I am not! I am saying all this with my free will. I am not try to make anybody happy. I am saying this because it's truth.

"I wanna clear Ruffa and members of Gutierrez family, Bektas family also Islam religion and my country. If something wrong, I am the wrong one. Out of my family name, I wanna say this name just Yilmaz from my heart and with my free will. From now, probably people calling me insane. I would like to say that the difference between insane and genius is success and failure. I failed but sometimes because insane better than being intelligence because you will not gonna see dirty side of world. My best regards, Yilmaz.


"Tito Ricky, please do this favor to me and publish this. And clear Ruffa and her family name. Thank you. It will make me happy but not proud.

"Also, I wanna send this message for Gutierrez family:

"I am sorry to you and mother Annabelle. Hope one day you will forgive me. I know how difficult. Never I didn't want to be disrespect, never I am thinking will gonna happened like this, what I did until today. It was just I try getting my family back.

"But I lost my family and your respect because of my anger. I don't know how but just story getting out of control. Just I wanna say you Ruffa and mother Annabelle always good to me. Whatever I say until today all bad words to hurt you...I taking to myself. "Please Dad, Mom, I lost my love and my family and your respect. Believe me, it's more painful than bullet pain. Just please I know how difficult to forgive but just accept my my sorry like nutty son.


"And believe me, never I am not gonna be with my Ruffa!! Mom and dad it's your Ruffa now. Please dad, take care of her. Sorry, sorry, million times sorry for Gutierrez and Bektas family, except myself.

"Tito Ricky, we decide to finish our story just last night. It's now final decision, 14 June 2007. We completely break up. Thank you!"

Is this really the end for Ruffa and Yilmaz?





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