Actress Criselda Volks on suicide attempt: "I'm sick and tired of being alone."

"I don't have anyone else," a sobbing Criselda Volks told GMA-7 news program, Saksi, in an interview following her failed suicide attempt yesterday, October 8.

"I'm sick and tired of being alone, I merely gave up... I wanted to be with my family but they are all in the States... I just wanted to die."

Those were the distressing words given by sexy actress Criselda Volks, to QTV 11 on why she tried to commit suicide by drinking a still unknown amount of chemical cleanser inside her condominium unit yesterday, October 8.

The chemical cleanser later on was identified as liquid bleach and detergent.

Criselda revealed that her depression stemmed from partner Cris Villanueva's stiff refusal to sign important documents that would allow her to bring their seven-year-old child, Rafa, to the U.S.

According to the initial reports, Criselda was rushed to the Ospital ng Makati at around 5 p.m. after the security guard of the Makati Palace made a call to the police, reporting the actress' critical condition.

The rescue team managed to lay Criselda on a stretcher and rush her to the hospital. But immediately on arriving, the actress reportedly declined to be given medical treatment and instead signed a waiver before groggily making her way towards the exit to get a cab.


DOWNWARD SPIRAL. Criselda’s wobbly emotional statehad always been an issue ever since her split with That’s Entertainmentalumnus Cris Villanueva. The two were together for a long time until they called it quits two years ago.

“Naging makulit ako,” she told Abante Tonite columnist BillyBalbastro in a conversation last year. Criselda talked about the aftershockof the breakup. “I called up friends, nag-a-advise sila sa akin, offering nosolutions. Hindi ako pumunta sa psychiatrist.”

Criselda gives assurance now that she’s regaining her ground. She even boasts that she’s making good money by selling luxury vehicles.

“Maniwala kayo, nakabenta ako minsan ng siyam na kotse inone week,” she said proudly, while defending herself against the rumor that she’s frequently spotted inside the casino.

“But I’m not addicted to it,” she immediately clarifiedafter confirming the gambling issue.

At the same time, Criselda mentioned that she turned down hermother’s invitation for her to live permanently in the States, mainly because ofher success in the field of sales and business. Criselda’s mother is the formerLVN actress Marietta Sanz.


“I can always return to them in the U.S. But showbiz is apassion,” she argued defiantly.





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