PEP EXCLUSIVE: Jewel Mische defends herself against "borrower" issue

"I still uphold principles that are embedded inside of me. Pinalaki akong maayos. Napakasimpleng bagay lang 'yon yung manghiram at hindi ka magbalik. I mean, it's this issue. It's so dumb," says Jewel Mische about a blind item identifying her as the young actress who likes to borrow things but doesn't know how to return them.

It's been a slow and steady ride for StarStuck 4 Ultimate Sweetheart Jewel Mische. It took some time for the aspiring actress to get a major role in a television show. Some of her batchmates from the reality artista search show had been given shows in the network ahead of her. But Jewel is happy about how things have turned out.

"Right after I won... Nagkaroon nga po ako ng mga minor roles nga. It's okay. GMA is taking care of me. I trust them. Oo nga, nawala ako ng medyo matagal," says Jewel during the presscon of Kamandag last night, November 12.

She adds, "Kasi sa GMA, they have their own plans for each and every one of us. Do I miss them [StarStruck batchmates]. I'm happy to see them. I'm happy na may projects din at career sila."

RICHARD'S CHOICE. She's been fortunate to have been chosen by Richard Gutierrez himself to work in Kamandag, the new primetime series of the young actor on GMA-7.

She recounts, "It was him kasi who gave... During our Final Judgment, siya yung nagbigay ng message sa akin. So siyempre, I should feel flattered about that. Kasi he said, ‘I hope to work with you soon' or something like that. Ako naman, ‘Okay, I'm happy with his message.' Pero hindi ko iniisip na makakatrabaho nga siya... ['Tapos], it's a love team pa. Hindi ko po inisip talaga."

At the press launch of Kamandag, Jewel happily tells PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) she was surprised to hear that she was part of the show:


"I didn't know about it. Like everyone was talking about it. ‘Uy kasama ka.' Some reporters kept on asking me, tapos ako hindi ko alam. Ako yata yung huling-huli naka-alam tungkol sa production.

"Masayang-masaya. Ang totoo po, hindi ko inasahan na magkakaroon ako ng ganito kabilis na primetime at major role," says the petite actress.

BORROWER ISSUE. But with every success come the usual intrigues. PEP asked the StarStruck alumna about blind item reports pointing to her as the young actress who borrows things and never returns them to their owners.

"Yung issue kasi na 'yan, sa borrow? Sa mga borrow stuff, it started during StarStruck pa. So, it's not true at all. There are instances na we share things. We share things," she says, putting emphasis on the last sentence.

"I'm just happy na people are smart, you know, not to believe everything they read. Napakalaking pambabastos sa akin. And come to think of it, these people na nagsasabi niyan..." she pauses, "kung ikaw ay mabuting tao, we wouldn't talk about that kasi sa akin, meron din nanghihiram. Kasi, in fact, may mga hindi pa nakakapagsauli hanggang ngayon. Pero I'm not going to [mention] any names ever because I'm not like them.

"It hurts," as she tries to hold back her tears. "It's not true. And it's not going to happen anymore. And I regret trusting some people. Well, I don't really regret it because I learned from it. But it's not going to happen anymore, ever.

"And yung issue talaga na 'yon it started during StarStruck. And please naman, please, nung StarStruck pa lang binabastos n'yo na ako, and I never defended myself. I kept silent because I'm thinking na, ‘I know the truth,'" the soft-spoken actress confides to PEP.


Asked for any message to her detractors, she has this say: "Sinasabi ko, your days are numbered, our days are numbered. I don't understand why there are people na gusto makasakit ng kapwa nila lalo na kung wala naman pinanggagalingan.

"And I'm telling you guys, you will receive your own wrath. You will receive your own wrath. If you do good, you'll make good. If you do something bad or say something bad about anyone, you'll receive your own wrath. Please, it's not because I'm a newbie you have the right to harass me," Jewel ends obviously relieved about finally airing her side.





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