Jennylyn Mercado in FHM January issue: A true collectible!

Jennylyn Mercado hits the shelves with FHM's January 2008 issue!

Asif finally getting Jennylyn Mercadotosay yes to an FHM cover wasn't already a big deal, a life-changing event happens to her that not only shakes upher career but also makes FHM a truecollector's item twice over!

Jennylyn became the first major showbiznewsmaker of 2008 as her pregnancy by real-life boyfriend Patrick Garciamade headlines. Now FHM comes just in time to fulfill FHM Nation's wish to see Jennylynfinally shedding her tweetums image for a more provocative one, as well as offera lingering memory of the young star while she lays low from showbiz to take care of her baby.

Lookingethereal and serene in a fantasy-garden set, Jennylyn transforms from cute girlto seductive woman as she dons lingerie for her first FHM photo shoot. Even as she posed effortlessly for the cameras, ittook a long time for Jennylyn to finally agree to do the shoot.

"Maraming beses ko rin itong pinag-isipan,"she explains. "I didn't want to do something I wasn't willing to do." In theend, Jennylyn gladly obliged to FHM'srelentless pursuing. "I guess it was time for me to be more open to discoveringnew things," she muses.

Forsure, Jennylyn's first FHM appearancewill be the most memorable and most treasured of FHM covers. The January issue of FHM also comes with a 2008 calendar featuring the 2007 Girls Next DoorWinner, Arra Castro. Grab the January issue of FHM with daring Jennylyn Mercado, nowavailable at magazine stands and bookstores for only P150 per copy. Visit for a sneak peak of thismonth's issue.





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