Nicole Anderson thankful and apologetic to Bianca King’s family

"For the past few days, I've obviously been very stressed. And that's why I had to leave and go for a while," Nicole Anderson said on how she's been dealing with her mom's revelation on television.

Nicole Anderson finally emerged from her silence in a taped interview on Showbiz Central yesterday, January 20. Raymond Gutierrez, who is Nicole's friend, was the show's host.

Nicole recalled that a big argument had erupted between her and her mom, actress Jean Saburit at the beginning of the month.

"Noong una, nagsimula iyan bago mag-countdown. Our friends picked me up, di ba? And then I had to go to the party. And then she said, ‘What time are you coming home? And then I said, ‘I'll probably be home at around this time.' I was late mga 30 to 45 minutes. When I got to the room she was asking, yun nga, about her Louis Vuitton bag."

Nicole said that she didn't remember borrowing the bag.

She admitted that the fight got a bit physical but refuted what her mom said in the previous interview that Nicole kicked her.

"That accusation really, really hurts me kasi parang sino naman ang tatadyak sa sarili nilang ina, di ba? Parang..." she said, groping for the right words to say.

Nicole was at a loss about why her mother attacked Bianca and her family.

"Na-confuse nga ako kasi tuwang-tuwa nga siya [Jean] kasi yung mga friends ko daw, you [Richard] and Bianca, you guys guide me."

Nicole described her closeness with Bianca.

"You know, when people ask, ‘oh, are you sisters?' Something na, ‘no, we have hawig'. She's like a sister to me like [times when] ‘I can't go through this right now.'


"You know like, super salamat sa kanila Mond [Raymond's nickname]. Pasasalamat na rin at sobrang hiya din dahil nanay ko pa rin yung nag-a-attack sa kanila. Parang ako, sobrang hiya ko na. Ako na yung nakitira sa kanila tapos..." She paused as tears fell.

Nicole continued between sobs, "I'm so sorry na nadadamay sila kasi away namin ito ni Mama. Tapos hindi ko alam yung ihaharap ko sa kanila. Kanina pumunta ako sa kanila para kunin yung gamit ko. Pagbukas ko ng pinto nakita ko yung tatay ni Bianca. Tapos, tumungo na lang ako. Takot na takot ako. Hindi ko alam talaga yung gagawin ko. I'm so thankful na I know I have friends like that. And I have Bianca to be thankful for, [she] took me under her wing and took care of me."

Reconciliation. Nicole was hoping to put a period to the messy conflict with her mom.

"The damage has been done. I've been hurt. Ang dami ng nadamay. Ayoko na. Sana we can keep it to ourselves because lahat naman ng tao, lahat naman ng mother-daughter relationship nagkaka-problema pero you don't see them coming out in public.

"But Mond, all I wanted to do talaga is to please my parents. I've always wanted them to be proud of me," she said.

After the taped interview, Raymond read a text message from Jean Saburit.

"Ayaw ko nang magsalita. Anak ko pa rin si Nicole. Mahal ko pa rin ang anak ko. Bianca can say whatever she wants. I don't care about her. I care for my only child Nicole. Kaya huwag na lang. Tama na."


Raymond also mentioned that it was he who got in touch with Nicole. Mother and daughter met each other earlier Sunday and are slowly trying to patch things up.





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