Young actress-singer Denise Laurel joins roster of Regal Babies

Looks like young actress Denise Laurel will be verybusy this year after she signed a contract with Regal Entertainment. As the newestRegal Baby, Denise says, "I'm gonna be doing a lot of singing this year asidefrom acting. Siyempre, parehas ko yunlove, intense passion for the both arts."

Young actress Denise Laurel is now part of the Regal familyafter she was presented as one of the new Regal Babies during their contractsigning yesterday, February 7, at the Imperial Palace Suites in Timog Avenue,Quezon City.

Denise was the only girl among the four members of thenewest batch of Regal Babies, which also include Wazzup, Wazzup tadjock Eri Neeman, ramp model Brent Javier,and Carlos Ermita Alvarez, who comes from the well-known Ermita politicalclan. They are all being managed by Arnold Vegafria.

Denise said that signing a contract with Regal Entertainmentwould open a lot of doors for her career this year. The 20-year-old actress was thrilled when she describedto PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) how she felt about becoming a talent ofRegal.

"Exciting na exciting kasi, you know, a newchapter na naman of my career. Newmove, everything bago ang lahat for the New Year, so super duperoverwhelmed. Of course, I'm honoredkasi Mother Lily met with us pa, Arnold sat me down and made sure,you know, he asks what I wanted, kung ano'ng gustong gawin."


Denise started in showbiz when she was just 10 years old. Mr. Johnny Manahan of Star Magic discoveredher in a play of Repertory Philippines. She was given a break in show business through the defunct TV showAng TV 2. She was also seen in other ABS-CBN shows like Prinsesa ng Banyera, Maging Sino Ka Man, Pedro Penduko at angmga Engkantao, and Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos.

Aside from acting, Denise also excels in her hosting job onStudio 23. She also became part ofMTV Asia's TV show called Rouge, where she played the role of a leadvocalist named Pat.

Denise is now busy hosting Studio 23's BarkadaGimik.

UPCOMING PROJECTS. With her new contract as a talent of Regal Entertainment, Deniselooks forward to having a number of projects lined up for her this year.However, when PEP asked her what her first project would be, Denise answeredsmiling, "They're keeping it a secret. I think they wanna surprise us."


Although the young actress has no idea about her upcomingprojects, Denise is sure that she would be making an album this year.

Her album, she said, would include a variety of music genres.

"I'm gonna remake some classic,siyempre yung mga favorite kong songs. Pero just a few siguro, not all kasi. Siyempre ang daming good writers out there na Filipinos, siyempre theyneed their voices to be heard. Also, maybe I could write a song," said Denise.

She added, "I love all types of music, all of them. And I can sing all type of music. I can sing R&B, I can sing rock, I cansing pop, and I can sing classical."

STAYING FIT. Denise revealed that she isreally preparing for her career this year. And one of her preparations is getting her body fit again.

"Yung last [Maalaala Mo Kaya] saSpain, I gained 15 pounds. E, ako, I'ma sporty person so I wanted to get back into shape also. Siyempre as an imagemodel, or like an influence to children, you always have to, you know... Asidefrom being emotionally stable, you also have to look pleasant and fit.


"I'm trying to get back into shape, yungshape na I was the beginning of last year—I have my abs and whatever. So after spending time with my family, I'mgoing back to the gym doing my sports, doing martial arts, doing football."

At interview's end, Denise said positively,"Well, it's gonna be a fruitful year, a good jumpstart. I'm also working on getting fit again. Kailangan complete this year. I'm gonna be fit na gain, I'm gonna startsinging, I'm still gonna be acting, and I'm still hosting."


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