Patrick Garcia’s mom upset over Jennylyn Mercado’s refusal of pre-need offer

Patrick Garcia's mom, Mrs. Bing Garcia (right), would rather not meddle in whatever dilemma her son and preggy ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado (left) are going through. The Garcias, as revealed by Bing, are not confrontational and would wait for the other party to talk first before making any comment.

The turmoil inside Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia's relationship has spilled over to their respective families and close associates. And one of those caught in the crossfire is Patrick's mother, Mrs. Bing Garcia.

Speaking to Showbiz Central's Pia Guanio, the soft-spoken lady gave her side regarding the worsening tension between her son and his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

"Alam mo, opinion ko naman ano, e, what you call not important," Mrs. Garcia told Pia yesterday, February 24, by phone.

Mrs. Garcia distanced herself from the spat, reasoning that Patrick and Jennylyn themselves should take the initiative to clean up their own mess.

"Kahit gusto kong mang magkabalikan sila...wala akong magagawa," she said.

NO, THANK YOU. Calm as she was throughout the interview, Mrs. Garcia could not conceal her disappointment that Jennylyn had curtly refused to accept her offer for an education and insurance investment savings plan, which she had placed on the table for her future apo.

Considering the generosity and value of the proposal, Mrs. Garcia was surprised by the reaction of Jennylyn, who allegedly questioned the timing of the offer.

"Oo totoo ‘yon," confirmed Bing. "Kaya ako nagtataka kung bakit niya dinecline. Obviously, parang iba 'yong pagkatanggap ng pag-o-offer ko. At sinasabi niya, sabi ng manager niya [Becky Aguila] na ‘Bakit ngayon lang? Wrong timing.' Sabi ko, ‘Bakit magiging wrong timing?'"

Mrs. Garcia was baffled by the issue, given that the baby is yet to be born. She bided her time before pitching the offer, particularly the insurance investment savings, only because she needed to make the necessary arrangements first to verify the viability of the offer before presenting it to Jen and her family.

"Kaya nga ang tawag doon ay pre-need," she argued while trying to keep her cool. "Hindi mo aantayin na dumating ang pangangailangan. Paghahandaan mo na."


Mrs. Garcia decided not to pursue the offer anymore so as to avoid further problems.

In an earlier interview, a distraught Jennylyn announced that when she gives birth, the baby's surname will be her own maiden name, not "Garcia."

"Well, it's her choice," Patrick's mom said tersely. "Ang stand ko talaga is ayokong magturo at magsabi, mag-force sa isang tao kung anong desisyon niya. So kung ganyan ang perception niya, ang desisyon niya, so I honor that."





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