Nancy Castiglione fuses her Catholicism and Born Again practice

"I'm always open to listening to what other people's opinions are. I'm always open to disagree if I disagree but I respect what other people say," says Nancy Castiglione when asked about fusing Catholicism with Born Again practices.

For an Italian-Filipino like Nancy Castiglione, who was born and raised as a Catholic, fusing her religion with her newly found church is not a problem.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and YES! magazine in The Face Shop event last week, Nancy said that she is currently attending the Victory Christian Fellowship. But she does not attend its Sunday services regularly.

"You know what, I don't really practice by going to service every Sunday," said Nancy. "I would just say that I'm very religious as a Born Again way to being able to seek refuge to Him again, you know."

Nancy still finds time to have a moment with God through her devotionals. She currently has two devotionals that she reads everyday.

"The devotional I'm reading is the one for women, women's devotional that I bought at Victory, the big huge pink one. And I have a daily devotional, I forget that title. It is also very good because it's a lot more general."


However, Nancy said that the general devotional appealed to her more than the women's devotional. She explained, "For some reasons that's what hit me a little bit more right now in my life, not the one strictly for women. It's general, you know, I'm a woman but I deal with all these different types of things, you know, not just womanly things."

Curious about her newly found conviction, PEP asked if she did not have a hard time blending Born Again practices and the religion she grew up with.

Nancy replied, "You what, for me kasi generally we believe in that. Every religion, Buddhism or whatever, we're all basically praying and worshipping and thanking one entity, God."

She also added, "We can have our own way of worshipping, different ways. So, for me, I see it as not my own religion but the two backgrounds that I have... I think what's important is to acknowledge His presence every day, thank Him every day, you know, and have someone who is constantly there. That's what's important."


In the end, Nancy said that she is open to the opinion of people who have a different religion. She is not one who imposes teachings on other people. "It's in the timing. You can always encourage, you can always put that light on. Just enlighten them a bit and in their own time they'll reach that point.

"I think that's planting a seed and I think God is happy with that, just doing that. You know, I don't think He wants me to preach. I think He's happy with me planting a seed."





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