Celebrities and their plans this summer

Based on the answers of Dingdong Dantes, Marvin Agustin, Miriam Quiambao, and Margaret Wilson, it could be said that men prefer to stay at home while the ladies want to go out of the country this summer.

In the past years, Boracay has been the favorite summer spot of celebrities, especially during Holy Week. While the others spend quality time with their family at home, some of the local celebrities fly to the island of Panay in Visayas to see the country's most popular summer destination.

However, the local stars seem to have changed their mind. In the previous article of PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), most of the celebrities said that they might stay at home or go back to their province this Holy Week. Now, here are the other celebrities that we've asked about their summer plans. Sadly for the Boracay trippers, they will not see much of our local celebrities: none of our respondents plans to go to this well-known white sand beach.

LOVIN' MANILA. Cosmopolitan Hunk Dingdong Dantes told PEP that this summer he will be preparing for his new project, Dyesebel. He said,"Mag-e-ensayo ako for Dyesebel, siguro swimming-swimming, magpapapayat ng konti."


When asked if he was planning to go to the beach, the Fredo of Dyesebel replied, "Baka. Kung hindi, dito lang sa Manila. Mas masarap nga sa Manila kapag Holy Week kasi walang trapik."

Marvin Agustin agreed with Dingdong's observation when PEP asked him during the press conference of Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita last week. "Sa Manila walang masyadong tao, so I'll take advantage of the road in Manila," said Marvin.

He also added, "I will be spending more time with my children especially this Holy Week. They will be with me sa bahay lang. Mas mare-relax kami kung nasa bahay kami, e. Sa bahay, lahat ng pamilya ko walang gagawin, so it's a chance for us to be together."

Then, we asked if he would go to Boracay just like he usually does during summer, Marvin gave a simple explanation why he has changed usual plans. "I love Boracay, but I will not go to Boracay on Holy Week and during summer kasi saksakan ang dami ng tao," answered Marvin.


ADVENTURE TRIP. Rhian Ramos, on the other hand, has another beach spot that she plans to go to—Palawan. Just like Dina Bonnevie, Yasmien Kurdi, Nancy Castiglione, and Bianca King, Rhian was also fascinated with the country's longest province in terms of land area.

PEP asked what she liked about Palawan and Rhian excitedly answered, "Palawan is great because maraming maliliit na islands. 'Tapos siguro kung may kilala ka, medyo mura mag-rent ng island, yung maliit lang. 'Tapos sobrang secluded na walang electricity, ikaw ang huhuli ng pagkain mo, masaya yun!"

A TRIP ABROAD. Beauty queen Miriam Quiambao was amazed by the archipelago of Santorini in Greece when she went there recently for Pinoy Meets World, which will be shown in April.

Miriam further described her Santorini experience, "I was there for work and we got there medyo malamig pa in March, temperature was 16 degrees so it's a little bit cold."


If given the chance, Miriam admitted she would love to go back in Santorini. She said, "I went with the crew but I'm looking forward to going there on a holiday this time."

Another beauty queen is off for a trip abroad to visit her parents. Bb. Pilipinas-World 2007 Margaret Wilson told PEP, "I might be flying back to Saudi Arabia for Holy Week just for three days to visit my parents and to attend the opening of a watch store called Polanti."

Her summer getaway does not stop there as she still has several trips lined up for the rest of summer.

Margaret enumerated her busy schedule, "I might fly to Davao to visit Nadia [Lee Shami, Bb. Pilipinas-International 2007], me and Theresa, [Licaros] and I'm going to Boracay in late April or first week of May for MTV summer break because I'm hosting.

"I also got an invitation from Ms. Anna Igpit, she's [Bb. Pilipinas-World 2006], to fly to Cebu and spend Holy Week with her. So, I'm still deciding where to go."



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