Sunshine Cruz: "I need time to heal and a little space"

"Ineed time and space to heal and forget. Until when? That I can't tell. I'm sureit will come at a right time," said Sunshine Cruz when asked by Rey Pumaloy about the current status of her relationship with husband Cesar Montano.

Contrary to some reports, actress Sunshine Cruzhas not yet returned to her husband Cesar Montano.

According to Rey Pumaloy's article in Abante today, April9, Sunshine talked to him through text messages and admitted that she is stilla "separada."

Her first text message to Rey read, "Hi there, Rey. Sorryfor the late reply sa text mo last week. Just arrived from Macau. Had bon­dingwith my mom and sis. Nag-uulan sa Macau, but still I had a great time withthem."

Then, Sunshine confided, "I'm staying with my kids only,Rey. I need time to heal and a little space. Only God knows, kung kelan ako magiging handa or kungmagiging handa pa ako to give it [marriage] a se­cond chance. I'm ok naman."

In the following message, Sunshine told Rey that despitetheir marriage crisis, Cesar remains a good father to their children.

"Hi, friend. Honestly, hangga't maari, Ireally don't want to say anything more ‘coz I respect the father of my kids athindi maipagkakailang mahal ko siya. He is good to our kids at hindi nakakalimot sa obligasyon. It's just that Ineed time and space to heal and forget. Until when? That I can't tell. I'm sureit will come at a right time," wrote Sunshine in her text message.


The marital problem between Sunshine and Cesar started latelast year when reports came out saying that the actor was having an affair with a17-year-old Brazilian model named Marianna del Rio. (Click here to read related article)

However, Marianna denied this in an exclusive interviewwith The Buzz last month. Sheexplained that her connection with the actor was purely professional. She evenexplained this matter to Sunshine herself. "I told her that I met him in the airport and ask me to do a movie withhim," Marianna told The Buzz. (Click here toread full article)





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