Martinez family wants to teach Baron Geisler a lesson

Contrary to rumores, no amount of money can ever buy Baron Geisler out of court. Yayo Aguila and William Martinez intend to teach to him a lesson by letting him experience the proper procedure in resolving the sexual harassment case before a judge.

No compensation will ever change the mind of showbiz couple Yayo Aguila and William Martinez and their daughter Patricia. They vowed not to back down from the sexual harassment case they filed against Yayo's former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition housemate Baron Geisler—even for millions of pesos.

The acts of lasciviousness case filed by Patricia has reached all the way up to the Department of Justice office (DOJ). The case, which was filed against Baron, is now ongoing though Baron was absent during the preliminary hearings; a representative stood in for him.

People might remember that the incident between Baron and Patricia happened when Yayo was in the United States. Baron reportedly sent a text message to Yayo, saying that he was sorry. Nonetheless, Yayo said on StarTalk that she could not understand why Baron—who's a sweet person according to her—sexually harassed her 22-year-old daughter.

"Bilang kaibigan at bilang taong malapit sa kanya, at alam kong ang talagang ugali niya dahil nagsama kami ng matagal," said Yayo. "So who would see that this would happen or that it would happen to my daughter by somebody who's very close to us?"

The unfortunate incident took its toll on Patricia. Negative things are being written about her on the Internet, and she even has to be accompanied whenever she goes out. As Yayo explained, "Naninikip dibdib niya at nalulungkot siya kasi bakit ganoon at alam niya na affected din kami."

The rumor that money is their primary motive for this issue affects the whole Martinez family.


William strongly protested, "They're wrong, kahit i-push pa to ten million ang bribe, e, ayaw namin. Si Patricia kasi, she told me na ang purpose kaya ginawa niya ito ay para matulungan din ang ibang babae na binabastos ng mga lasing na lalake. We want him [Baron] to learn a lesson kasi the only way to learn is to undergo this kind of thing."

In other words, is the Martinez family not willing to settle the issue out of court?

"No," William answered immediately. "Si Patricia ayaw din."





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