Judy Ann Santos may face Congress for appearing in Meralco infomercial

"She allowed herself to be the tool ofMeralco. She should have known better,"said Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan about Judy Ann Santos's appearance onMeralco's infomercial.

After Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) calledfor a boycott, (Click here to read related article) lawmakers are now joiningthe issue about Judy Ann Santos appearing on Meralco's infomercial.

In a People's Tonight article today, June5, some congressmen also gave their opinions with regard to Meralco'scommercial that has Judy Ann justifying its systems loss charges to itsconsumers.

Gabriela Rep.Luzviminda Ilagan said that Judy Ann shouldhave not let herself be used by the alleged abusive Lopez-owned electriccompany.

"She allowed herself to be the tool of Meralco. She should have known better," said the ladysolon.

Similarly, Citizens Battle Against Corruption Rep.Joel Villanueva said that Judy Ann's advertisement was one-sided in defendingthe systems loss which was passed on to consumers.

Meanwhile, Manila District Representative BienvenidoAbante Jr. would like to take further steps and look into the possible violationof Judy Ann of the Consumers Protection Act when she appeared in thecontroversial advertisement.

In fact, Rep. Abante already ordered the legal officers ofthe House Committee in Public information to study the possibleconsequences of Judy Ann's infomercial.

"I join these cause-oriented groups in denouncing Judy AnnSantos, who I don't think understands the situation with Meralco. This is what money can do," said Rep.Abante.

In a different article written in Bandera today,Abante also pleaded to local celebrities to choose their endorsements wisely,especially if it concerns the public's welfare.

PALACE REACTS. MalacañangPalace did not mind the decision of Meralco to use Judy Ann in explaining thesystems loss it charges to its consumers.


Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said that having Judy Annon its commercial would not make the electric charges lower anyway.

According to an article in Bandera today, Exec. Sec.Ermita said that the government may also use other local celebrities to counterMeralco's infomercial.

"Tingnan natin baka maghanap tayo pero kung sakali it willbe for entertainment viewing," he said.

Exec. Sec. Ermita further said that Malacañang was notsurprised by Meralco's move to rebuild its public image. "'Dimaiiwasan ng establishments like Meralco na gumamit ng paraan para paratinginsa bayan na tama ang nangyayari ngayon at tama ang ginagawa nila. Mapapaniwala ba natin ang taong-bayan kungbuwan-buwan darating ang kuryente na mataas?"

He added, "Yung gumagamit sila ng celebrity, that is aneffort to justify their position. Angpaggamit ng high level ibig sabihin alam nila [Meralco] malaki ang hinaharapnila, huwag natin masamain yun, taong-bayan naman ang manghuhusga."

Meanwhile, Malacañang asked the Energy RegulatoryCommision yesterday to find out whether Meralco passed on to its consumers thepayment of Judy Ann's talent fee for the said commercial.

MOMMY CAROL PLEADS. Meanwhile, like talent manager Alfie Lorenzo, Judy Ann's mother,Mommy Carol, also had no idea about her daughter's Meralco commercial. She also got worried when she knew that the VACCwas asking the public to boycott all the projects of the young actress.

In an article published in Balita today, Mommy Carolsaid, "Nagulat ako nang mabasa ko nga na ipinaboboykot si Juday. Siyempre nakakalungkot, wala naman akongmagagawa. Nagulat din ako nungmapanood ko yung TVC, hindi ko kasi alam 'yon."


Then she told Balita, "Ha'mo na, e, nataonkasing may problema sa Meralco. Hintayin na lang natin ang pagdating nila [Judy Ann and boyfriend RyanAgoncillo], wala akong masasabi diyan."

Judy Ann is currently in Amsterdam with her boyfriend Ryanand some close friends. They are alsoscheduled to go to London on June 8 for a show.





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