Ruffa Gutierrez on movie with mom Annabelle Rama: "I will let her shine."

"Hopefully, when I'm her age, I'll pick up all her nicequalities and leave all the qualities that are bad, like, somewhere else," saysRuffa Gutierrez when asked if she wants to be like her mom when she getsolder.

Mother and daughter Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez areboth excited about their first movie together, My Monster Mom from Regal Entertainment and GMA Films. It's not only a comeback movie for talentmanager Annabelle after more than two decades of absence on the silver screen, but it is also the first time that she will be working withher only daughter in a movie.

During the press conference of the said movie last night,June 10, at the Imperial Palace Suites, the entertainment media got curiousabout the working relationship of Ruffa and Annabelle.

Ruffa told the entertainment press that she is happy towork with her mom and see her promoting her comeback movie.

"Well, actually, looking at my mom now... Kasi I remember noong dalaga pa lang ako, Iused to tell her na, ‘Ma, huwag ka nang magpa-interview sa press kasi minsannakakasira ka sa career ko because you're so mataray. Can you just be my business manager but don't talk about things?' So now, looking at my mom and she's talking about her role,[I'm very happy]," said Ruffa.

When Ruffa was about to add something, Annabelle cut it andsaid, "Siyempre, haping-happy ako, Ruffa, 'no? Trailer pa lang [ng pelikula], nagustuhan na nila. Dapat panoorin nila ang whole movie, mas maganda."

Then, already out of context, Annabelle just continued talkingabout her dialogues in the movie. "'Saka sana yung mga dialogue ko doon, huwag na putulin ng MTRCB kasi yuntalagang sinasabi ko sa dialogue ko, lagi kong sinasabi sa totoong buhay."

"IT'S HER TURN TO SHINE." Before the general Q&A started, the press people were given thechance to see the teasers and the full trailer of My Monster Momm for the first time. Based on these video clips, Annabelle's role was really tailor-made for Annabelle.


Does it bother Ruffa that her mother outshone her in their movie?

Ruffa answered in jest, "This movie naman, kaya nga sinabiko, ‘Kailangan naman may ‘My,' di ba?' Para at least kapag My Monster Mom, kasama naman ako at saka yungibang mga anak niya sa pelikula."

She added, "But, you know, this is really a projecttailor-made for my mom. Kami namang mgaGutierrez, e, if it's for the love of our parents or our brothers, we let themshine in the industry. I think hindi kami nagkasapawan. So now, it's her turn to shine, we let her shine.

"SHE'S A FIGHTER." Since the movie is about the relationship between a mother and adaughter, Ruffa was asked what qualities of her mom she would like to emulate and she will try to avoid.

The former beauty queen replied, "I would rather avoid yung pagiging maingay niya sa loob ng bahay, especially now that I am livingwith them in Dasma [Dasmariñas]. After 12 years ofliving alone, siyempre nanibago ako. Minsan ang wake-up call namin, ‘Day!' Sabi ko, ‘Mommy, are you practicing your lines?' That one, okay."

Despite this, Ruffa said that she admires her mother forbeing a good mom to her and her siblings.

Talking to her mom, Ruffa said, "The good things naman, Ma,na gusto kong tularan sa 'yo, yung pagiging mabuti mong ina. Kasi ang pagiging mabuting ina mo, 'yong sapag-aartista... Kasi minsan kapagnagiging artista ang isang bata, e, tumitigil na sila sa pagiging ina. Ikaw, tuluy-tuloy.


"And you're the fighter that we all really loved. You know, kapag may tumitira sa amin or maynang-aapi sa amin, you're always there to guide us and to protect us. I'm sure lahat ng mommy sa buong mundo, 'yondin ang gagawin.

"I'm just thankful that you guided me properly dahil if notsiguro, matagal na akong nag-asawa and wala ako dito ngayon sa harapanninyo. Nag-asawa man ako, late na. But I'm still here in front of you guys."

CAUSE OF STRESS. Ruffa admitted that they had some misunderstanding during the taping oftheir movie. "Minsan nagtatalo kaminiyan sa set. Minsan hindi kaminag-uusap. But we're still veryprofessional. At kahit hindi kaminag-uusap, we still do our scenes perfectly okay."

The only daughter of Annabelle admitted that her motheroften cause her stress whenever they are together. "Minsan talaga kapag si Mommy ang kasama ko, nai-stress akoespecially ngayon, mga Makati girls na kami. 'Ma, can you please act like a Makati girl naman?'" she asked her mother.

The mother, of course, defended herself, "Palagi kamingnag-aaway ni Ruffa kasi siya, kapag nasa Makati na siya, feeling niya sosyal nasiya. Ako kasi ganun pa rin ako."

As she continued her narration, the members of the mediastarted to laugh out loud. "Kapag akoang sumisigaw, ‘Ma, nakakahiya sa kapitbahay natin, my gosh!' Ako, ang nasa isip ko, ‘Ruffa, wala akongpakialam kung sino sila. Kung ano angugali ko, 'yon ang ilalabas ko. Ano'nggusto mo, bubulong ako?' Hindi ko kayang bumulong, 'no, mamamatay ako. Wala akong pakialam sa kanila!"


In the end, Ruffa was asked if she sees herself to be likeAnnabelle in the movie someday, Ruffa immediately answered, "Of course not, Ithink no."

She added, "I think si Mommy naman, monster mom lang sapelikula, e. Sometimes when she'sreally in a bad mood talagang maingay, pero ganun lang naman talaga si Mommy,e. Maingay siya pero she's lovable parin."





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