Patrick Garcia's manager insists the young actor really left for the U.S.

Patrick Garcia’s manager Arnold Vegafria (not in photo) revealed to Startalk that his ward was already inthe United Stateswith plans of pursuing something else aside from being an actor.

The past week held news about a mystery woman who supposedlytried to talk Jennylyn Mercado into giving birth in the U.S. Speculations are thatthe mystery woman known as Marilyn was only playing a role in what wassupposedly a set up. Also, rumors suggest that Marilyn is a relative ofPatrick Garcia's manager, Arnold Vegafria.

Startalk interviewed Arnoldregarding these rumors. Arnoldexplained, "Yung sinasabi nilang ‘mysterious lady' na nag-offer kay Jennylyn namanganak sa Amerika, totoo ‘yon. She's [Marilyn] our family friend, actually.Nag-offer yun, na kilala yata ni Jennylyn, and then [I thought], why doesn't Jennylyngrab the opportunity if there's someone who wants to her help her, ‘di ba?"

Arnold didn't know what happened after the family friend met up with Jennylyn.It was later revealed that the young actress, though thankful for the offer,refused the Good Samaritan by saying that she wanted the baby to be born herewith Jennylyn's family and friends.

WHERE'S PATRICKGARCIA? Fans of Jennylyn didn't really believe the news that Patrick hasleft for the U.S. Arnold decided to end this issue by revealing Patrick'splans.

"He went to the States with the parents and thenthey're scouting for schools na puwede niyang pasukan. Break niya ngayon, andhe just finished a soap opera, and then by October, he might start another one.So tamang-tama pagbalik niya by last week of September or October, eh gagawana naman siya ng bagong soap and, at the same time, wedding ni Cheska [Garcia, Patrick'ssister]."

To those who are still not convinced that Patrick is not out ofthe country, Arnoldhas this to say: "'Di ba, na-cover na yun, yung pagpunta niya sa Amerika?Check the immigration kung talagang umalis siya. Definitely umalis siya dahilyun talaga ang objective namin. During his break, mag aral siya para mayroonsiyang ibang gawin."


LONG-TERM ISSUE . Many believe that the issue between Jennylynand Patrick is far from over. Even when she gives birth, new issues may once again surroundPatrick and Jennylyn.

Arnoldcan't help but share this theory with Startalk.He said, "Siguro kakabit na ng buhay nila ang bad publicity. Maybe this is the priceof being an artist or celebrity. With regards to Patrick, kasi hindi maganda siguroyung pagkahiwalay nila. So up to now, nakatabig pa rin si Jennylyn kay Patrick,the same thing for Patrick to Jennlyn. So, I can't control that anymore."





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