Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin do final taping for "Lobo"

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin have mixedemotions about shooting their final sequences for their show Lobo, whichwill end on July 11. Angel also spoke up regarding her controversial toplesspictorial for a clothing company.

With the upbeat song "Low" playing in the background, PioloPascual and Angel Locsin danced and laughed heartily on the grounds of theVictory Church in Caloocan City. The lead stars of Lobo smiled at eachother as they shot their final sequences for ABS-CBN's fantaserye Lobo,which will end on July 11 (Friday).

When PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) visited Angel and Piolo during theirlast taping day last July 3, they expressed their mixed feelings about theending of show, which ran for six months on the Kapamilya Network.

"It's been a really wonderful time working on this projectand I've been always bragging about this," says Piolo. "I'm very, veryproud because we've made it. And more than anything, it's a fulfillment todo something so difficult yet nagawan mo ng maganda. So I'm so happybecause nagawa namin nang maayos yung trabaho namin."

Angel adds, "Ako namanhindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang nararamdaman ko. Masaya akongmatatapos na iyong show namin, na masasabi kong sobrang ipinagmamalaki ko. Maipagmamalaki ko pa after ten years, ‘pag nagkaanak na ako, maikukuwento ko,maipagmamalaki ko siya.

"Mami-miss ko talaga itongshow na ito. Malulungkot din ako.Masaya at malungkot. Masaya ako dahil nagkaroon kami ng chance na makatrabaho angkapwa artista ko na very professional, makukulit; lahat kami may topak at yunyung nag-jive."

What would they consider as their most memorable moments while shooting TVseries?

"Kanina actually we werefeeling so awkward because we were doing an intimate scene and a lot of peoplewere watching so parang nakakailang," says Piolo regarding his kissing scenewith Angel shot earlier that day. "But you know kailangan naming gawin. But if you ask us about siguro mga memorablescenes, nothing beats the last transformation. I felt so awkward, we were bothjust wearing skin tone na damit and sabi ko sa kanya, ‘I've never felt soawkward in my whole life.'"

Piolo is referring to the scene wherein they had to wear flesh-tone body stockingswhile he and Angel were taping inside a church. "Sabi ko talaga,‘the things we have to do for craft.' Iniisip ko, paglabas namin ng church, malay mo, madaming tao diyan nanonood taposakala mo hubo't hubad kaming naglalakad. It was funny, pero ikibit balikat mo na lang kasi kelangan mong gawin,kelangan mong panindigan."


They also cite theirseaside encounter in a beach resort in Calatagan, Batangas as one of their mostmemorable scenes. They even refer to it as their "burak-ay" escapade.

"Our beach scenes na akalang mga tao na super...not to demean yung pinanggalingan namin pero yung happymoments namin sa beach, hanggang dito yung putik, e," recalls Piolo.

Angel adds: "Yung buraktalaga, as in, lumulubog kami so nakahawak lang kami sa isa't isa."

TOPLESSAD. Angel was in thenews recently when she came out in photos wearing jeans and nothing on top asan endorser of a clothing company. She has been criticized by somesectors of society for her daring billboard. What can she say about her detractors?

"Well kasi, tanggap ko kung anong opinion nila. Pero ako, bilang isang babae at miyembro ngGabriela, alam ko kung ano yung mga nakakadegrade. Alam ko kung ano yung dapat, ano yung hindi dapat. Nakita ko nayung ad na likod nga lang yung nakita. Wala namang maseselan na parte. Hindi iniisip ng iba yung image ko. Ginawa ko lang para maiba naman kasi parameron naman akong bagong ipakita, so 'eto bago. So, sa lahat ng naka-appreciate maraming, maraming salamat. Ako, bilangisang babae, hindi ko hahayaan na mabastos ako o bumaba ang tingin sa kapwababae."

Gabriela is an alliance of women's organizations that that advocate for women's issues.

Her co-star Piolo also expressed his opinion regarding the controversial ad."This is a testament...to how much she respects her craft. I mean that's something that people don'treally see. When it comes to expressingyour beauty, Angel definitely has it and she knows how to show it in arespectful manner."

After Piolo and Angel's team-up in Lobo, they will soon beseen in a movie under Star Cinema. "After a few days rest, we're gonna starttraining already for the movie," reveals Piolo. "Then we'll be flying out toBukidnon and then we're going to Australia after to shoot and it's gonna beshown within the year."


After the brief interview, Piolo immediately left to catchhis flight bound for Paris, France, to attend the screening of Dekada ‘70 inthe 2008 Paris Cinema International Film Festival. Angelstayed behind to sign items for her fans and to shoot her remaining scenes for Lobo.





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