Cherry Pie Picache recalls how movie queen Susan Roces spat on her face

Acting alongside veteran actress Susan Roces was a big challenge for respected actress CherryPie Picache (in photo). Both are part of ABS-CBN’s upcoming soap Iisa Pa Lamang,which will be shown this coming Monday, July 14.

For highly-respectedactress Cherry Pie Picache, to be spat on by no less than Susan Roces herselfis still a big honor and a rare privilege.

In ABS-CBN's upcoming drama teleserye Iisa Pa Lamang,one of the most talked about scenes is the confrontation between Cherry Pie'scharacter Isadora and Susan's Aura. The scene showed a heartless Isadora evictingAura and her granddaughter Catherine (Claudine Barretto) from their own property.Angered by the wickedness of her tormentor, Aura spat on Isadora,right on her face.

The scene was loudly applauded by theentertainment press at the special screening conducted last July 4 at TheBlock, SM North EDSA, Quezon City.

Last night, July 8, during the grand press conference of IisaPa Lamang held at the Plaza Ibarra in Quezon City, Cherry Pie recalled thescene and the story behind it.

Despite her background as a seasoned thespian, Cherry Pierevealed that she was daunted when she read the script and that particular sequence. She even consulted her directors anxiously on how she couldeffectively carry out the part.

"'Direk, sabi ko, paano ba ‘to?'" she recalled askingdirectors Ruel Bayani and Manny Palo when they were about to shoot the part.

After a few rehearsals, the scene was successfully completedin "one take" according to Cherry Pie. She added that Susan's spit onscreen was real.

"It has to register on screen," laughed Cherry Pie, "kunghindi, we won't be able to achieve the objective of the scene... I'm really gladit turned out well."

Cherry Pie's role in Iisa Pa Lamang requires her toplay villain to the hilt. Much has been said about the experiences of somelocal actors who portrayed villain roles effectively in the past. They were soeffective that die-hard followers of the soap often took it personal and tend toreact violently against the actor in public. Cherry Pie took note that she's notbothered by such stories neither would it affect her desire to effectivelyportray the evil role of Isadora.


"So ‘yon yung unang challenge kung paano ko talaga magigingeffective as kontrabida. And one of the most challenging scenes for me is 'yongpinalayas ko nga sila Tita Susan kasi if I'm not mistaken ‘yon yung firstsequence, first taping day tapos dinuraan na kaagad ako ni Ms. Susan Roces,"shared Cherry Pie animatedly.





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