Proof that "Eat Bulaga!" show in Los Angeles was not a flop

The seat plan of the Los AngelesSports Arena where different colors identify the sections and assignedticket prices: $100 for the green section; $75, red section; $50, yellow section, and $35 for the orange section. The blue-colored bleacher section has no indicated price.

Earlier today, August 8, PEP (Philippine EntertainmentPortal) received a copy of the certification letter from the Los Angeles MemorialColiseum Commission in connection with the show of Eat Bulaga! held last July 19 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The letter was sent by the venue officials to Ms. Ana Punoof Star Media Entertainment, producer of Eat Bulaga! in L.A.

The letter dated August 6, 2008 intends to dispel the report that the L.A. show of Eat Bulaga! was a "flop" since the bleacherssection of the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the venue of the show, was reportedly empty.Although it is true that the area was empty, Yrene Asalde-Infante, event manager, explained in her certification letter that "the bleachers section ofthe Los Angeles Sports Arena was NOT OPENED for ticket sales for the Eat BulagaL.A. Grand Fiesta last July 19, 2008."

In an article written by Allan Diones today inAbante Tonite, he further explained that the Los Angeles Sports Arena—located on 3936 Figueroa St., Los Angeles, California—is divided into threesections with the following seating capacity: Arena level (floor section),3,956; Loge (middle section) 4,057; and Concourse (bleacherssection) 8,313. All in all, the total seating capacity of the venue is 16,326.

Since the bleachers section was not opened during theshow of Eat Bulaga!, the total seating capacity was only 8,013 that day.According to Diones, who was with the press group that covered the event, approximately 6,000 to 7,000 people came to watch the show.

PEP also received a copy of the seat plan of the Los AngelesSports Arena where different colors were used to identify the sections and theticket prices: $100 for the green section, $75 for the red section, $50 for theyellow section, and $35 for the orange section. The bleacher section wascolored blue and there was no price indicated.





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