Dominic Ochoa satisfied with his mature visibility in showbiz

"I just wanna let you guys know that na, yeah, maybe I'm not seen on TV, I'm not being watched or I'm not as visible asbefore. I don't mind, I don't care, aslong as I have work, I'm happy and smiling," says Dominic Ochoa to criticswho say that he's not as visible as he was in the earlier years of her career.

Like the young stars of today, Dominic Ochoa used to beadmired by the young people in his earlier years in showbiz. For those who do not remember, he became part of the defuntct ABS-CBN teen drama Gimik.

Eleven years after his stint on Gimik,Dominic admits that he already had his own share of fame in showbusiness. He knows that this is thetime of his career that mature roles would be offered to him. An example is his character in the new drama seriesof TV5 titled Hush Hush.

In Hush Hush, Dominic portrays the character of amarried TV host who will have an affair with a reality-show winner (played by Krista Ranillo).

"I guess it's a stage in my career, in my age, na alangantalaga, e. It's either you do fatherrole, daddy, hindi ka na puwedeng magpa-cute. So, it's more on accepting mature roles already," said the 34-year-old actor in aninterview at the press conference of Hush Hush yesterday afternoon, August19, at Mario's restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon City.


During the conversation, Dominic said thathe used to think about what people call "the peak of one's career." But now, hedoes not give it too much thought as he feels more content with his showbizcareer.

"I have to be honest, it's always my question," heconfessed. "Pero mas masaya ako na nandito na lang ako. Paulit-ulit kong sinasabi, mas masaya ako nanasa 90 porsiyento lang ako."

Dominic went on to say that reaching the top is notreally important in show business. He explained, "Peak is not the question here. The question here is, ‘How long ka tatagal dito?' So, maramingnang nag-peak, pero iilan lang ang nag-stay."

In his eleven years in showbiz, Dominic could say that hehas earned enough for himself and for his future family.

"Wala naman tayong utang, e, so akin na lang. Hindi talaga ako lumaki na tira nangtira. Nag-iipon ako para sa kinabukasanko. Marami rin akong iniisip," theactor said.


He added, "I'm pretty much content with my career, atleast I'm earning."

Dominic also believes that God is always behind him for support. He said,"Hindi naman ako pababayaan ng Diyos, e. 'Yon ako, e, so kung ano'ng gustongisipin ng iba, wala na akong magagawa doon.

"I mean, ang importante sa akin ngayon, ‘Happy ba ako sangayon?' ‘Oo, happy ako. So, it's amatter of being content lang. Kuntentoka lang sa binibigay sa'yo at kung naishe-share mo rin ba 'yon sa ibang tao."

PLAN TO GET MARRIED ABROAD. During the press conference, reporters talked about reportssaying that he and his makeup-artist girlfriend have been married in Paris.So, after the formal press conference, he immediately clarified that there wasno Parisian wedding.

"Wala talaga kaming plano," he said. "Sinama ko lang siya dahil nag-Spain kamifor Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, 'tapos nag-extend kami ng Paris."

He figured that maybe the reason it came out was because hetold everybody that he wanted to be married in Paris.


Despite this false report, Dominic assured the media that hereally intends to marry his girlfriend of four years, Denise Go. "I'm pretty much decidedabout it na," he declared.

He also said that he's financially ready for thewedding. But what's keeping the couple frompursuing plans?

The actor answered, "Ang akin kasi, I want it to be 'yongwala ka nang iniisip. Ngayon kasi,marami pang opportunities in both parties. Hindi lang po sa akin, pati sa kanya. So, ayaw naming pakawalan 'yon."

If the plan pushes through, Dominic said that a civilwedding might come first before the church wedding. Also, he will stick to his plan to have his church weddingoutside the country. Some of the placeson his list are Key West in Florida; Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia; Italy; Greece; andSpain.

Why abroad? Dominic said that he wants his wedding to bedifferent.

"I want it kasi na when you're old already, when you look atthe pictures, ‘Wow, ang ganda nito!' At saka parang with all the weddingexperiences dito sa Pilipinas, parang it's the same, e. Parang you've seen the same place, the sameformat," he explained.

In the end, the Hush Hush actor reiterated,"It's just a matter of planning everything para hindi tayo napapasubo. So, medyo na-delay lang nang konti pero itwon't stop us naman from pursuing everything. No one can stop you from marryingthe right girl."





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