Ruffa Gutierrez criticizes Riza Santos for tardiness in "Betty La Fea" taping

Despite the incident and brief confrontation, RuffaGutierrez stressed that she has nothing against beauty queen turned actressRiza Santos. "Riza, I'm not angry at you, I'm sure you have yourreasons. ‘Yon lang, at that moment lang, I was just like waiting for you to saysomething or say 'hi' naman to us or to the director but you didn't," said Ruffa inan interview with The Buzz.

Beauty queen turnedactress Riza Santos reportedly earned the ire of Ruffa Gutierrez after she kept the entire cast and crew of ABS-CBN's new series I Love Betty La Fea waiting for hours on one of its recent tapings.

Aside from turning up way beyond her set call time, the Filipino-Canadianstunner did not even bother to offer an explanation for her tardiness or atleast greet the people present at the set, Ruffa recalled.

"Ayoko na sanang palakihin‘to pero ang sa ‘kin lang naman, you know, sana just say 'hi' naman to yourco-stars, say 'hi' to your director, mga kasamahan mo. Kasi ‘yon ang itinuro saakin ng mga magulang ko, e, na kailangan lahat ng mga senior stars, lahat ng mgakasamahan mo sa showbiz, kailangan batiin mo para pakikisama," shared Ruffayesterday, September 7, with The Buzzduring a sit-down interview.

RUNNINGIN LATE. Based on what she heard and knew at the time, Ruffasaid that Riza's call time was seven o' clock in the evening but she showed up ataround 11 p.m.


"Last eksena ko na ‘yon.So, gusto ko na talagang umuwi kasi I wasn't feeling that well, at sakasiyempre gusto ko naman makasama si Lorin at saka si Venice kaya parangexcited din ako umuwi kasi kokonti lang ‘yong mga eksena ko for that day,"explained Ruffa.

For a supposed quicktake, Riza's absence consequently forced Ruffa and the staff to stay and lingeraround the set until near midnight.

Encountering a lateco-star is not a rarity in the world of show business and Ruffa stressed thatshe was initially willing to put Riza's blunder behind to avoid stalling theshoot further. What irked the actress-TV host, however, was her co-star'sapparent lack of courtesy the moment she arrived.

Said Ruffa: "Ang saakin lang, kung ‘yong mga bida na si Bea Alonzo at si John Lloyd Cruz laging maagasa set, on time, lahat po binabati mula sa mga crew hanggang sa director nila,napakabait po nila kahit mga superstar sila.


"You know, frustratedlang ako kasi minsan sa mga baguhan na wala silang parang respeto sa mganakakatanda sa kanila, na sana bumati naman sila."

A source from Viva—the firm managing Riza's career—defended the former Pinoy Big Brotherhousemate by saying that their talent was not aware of her taping schedule thatday, thus making the entire incident a case of miscommunication between the productionteam and Riza's group.

Ruffa argued that Rizacould have at least issued an apology, particularly to the director, for allthe hassle she had caused.

"At that point lang,Tito Boy, whether she was stuck in traffic or whether she had a big problem, youknow, ang sa amin lang sana she could have said sorry man lang to the directorbecause all of us were just waiting for her."

The daughter of formermatinee idol Eddie Gutierrez and feisty manager Annabelle Rama still managed tokeep her composure and was able to complete all the required takes in the spanof an hour. After the shoot and before leaving the set, Ruffa—who by then wasjust waiting for Riza to give her side—finally decided to lecture the newbie onthe ethics of professionalism.


"So parang one hour nangnatapos ‘yong scene or 30 minutes, wala pa din po siyang sinasabi. Kumbaga parang,wala lang. So, when I stood up, I said, ‘Okay, bye everyone, bye!'"

Turning herattention to Riza, Ruffa said, "'You know, Riza, next time don't makeanyone wait,' sabi kong ganun. ‘If you wanna make it in this business, beprofessional,' and I just left but still she didn't say anything after that."


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