Classic blindside ousts businessman Kiko Rustia from "Survivor Philippines"

In a tension-filled Tribal Council, young businessman Kiko Rustia was betrayed by two of his former allies and voted off Survivor Philippines.

Young businessman Kiko Rustia was blindsided by two of hisformer tribemates in Naak, leading to his ouster from Survivor Philippines.Kiko became the 9th person to be voted out and the second JuryMember. (Niña Otiz was forced to leave the game because of an injury.)

Going into the Tribal Council, Kiko expected that all sixformer Naak tribemates—including himself—would write down the name of waiter MarlonCarmen to be the next Survivor castoff. But Kiko got the shock of his life whentwo of his former tribemates, driver Cris Cartagenas and model Kaye Alipio, turnedtheir backs against him and voted along with the three former Jarakaymembers: Marlon, taekwondo instructor Veronica Domingo, and product officerCharisse Yacapin.

Kiko had five votes while Marlon had four.

Veronica was safe from the Tribal Council after winning theImmunity Challenge, an endurance test that lasted four hours.

Before leaving the Tribal Council area, Survivor Philippineshost Paolo Bediones asked Kiko to open a small treasure box that has been onPaolo's side since the first Tribal Council. Inside the box is a black pearlthat Kiko can give to one of the remaining castaways. The black pearl willserve as a curse to whoever holds it, and the holder willautomatically get an extra vote in the next Tribal Council.


Kiko gave the black pearl to former Naak tribemate Rob Sy, asales officer, believing that Rob betrayed him. Rob, on the other hand, couldonly look at Kiko in shocked surprise.

In his exit interview, Kiko said that what happened was"God's will." He just hopes that his ouster will be "for the better."

Kiko also realized that two of his former tribematesbetrayed him, although he did not know who. But he said that the two probably had enough reason for votinghim out.

Kiko has now joined gym instructor Jace Flores as Jury Members. The Jury will decide who will win the three-million cash prize and title of the first-ever Pinoy Sole Survivor.

GREAT PLAN. Back in the Chalam camp, Rob was furious over what Kiko didto him in the Tribal Council. Rob uttered expletives against Kiko, arguing that he stayed true to their agreement until the very end.

Kaye wept for voting againstKiko. But Cris assured her that what they did was right since he believed that Kiko was using them for his personal gain.


The decision of Kaye and Cris to write down Kiko's namemight have been triggered by former Naak tribemate JC Tiuseco's decision to bringalong Kiko, Rob, and Zita Ortega after winning a reward challenge. That leftCris and Kaye with the three former Jarakay tribemates back to the camp.

While JC, Kiko, Rob, and Nanay Zita immersed themselves witha family in a nearby island, Marlon started working on Kaye and Cris to breaktheir alliance. It was a ploy that Marlon used to save himself from being votedoff.

Marlon, who was also celebrating his birthday on the day of theTribal Council, succeeded in convincing Cris and Kaye to vote against Kiko. Hecalled his "decoy" a master plan and was very pleased with himself.

With Kiko gone, Marlon has now turned the power in hisfavor—or so he thinks.


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