Karylle just smiled when asked if Marian Rivera is pregnant

"I've never really had the chance to know her, but I've seenher dance and I am all praises for her. But there wasn't achance to talk or anything except for that one time. I wasn't confronting herand there were people there and they know that we were just having a normalconversation," says Karylle when asked about Marian Rivera.

Karylle guested for the first time on The Buzz yesterday, December 15, to talkabout being a Kapamilya. But since The Buzz's "Tough Ten" always focuses oncontroversial issues, it was inevitable that Karylle would face host Boy Abunda's tough questions regarding her ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes and his love-team partner Marian Rivera.

Tough Question No. 10: "Ngayon na isang Kapamilya ka na, gaano kalakas ang pressure?"

"Today at the studio, I really felt welcomed," Karyllebeamed. "Everyone was so kind to me. Even the audience. Niloloko nga ako ni Mama [Zsa Zsa Padilla], e. Sabi niya na, ‘Welcome back to ASAP '08. Huwag ka magkakamali!' Taposnagtatawanan mga audience.

"So, alam mo yun, just having her by my side, andknowing that she's such a great person and everyone loves her... Parang it alsofollows that yung kindness niya bumabalik sa akin."

Tough Question No. 9: "Ang inyong paghihiwalay ba niDingdong Dantes, may kinalaman ba sa paglipat dito sa ABS-CBN?"

Karylle took a deep breath and said, "I was explainingrecently, kasi I'm under new management [Stages]. And at the time, when everything was happening, you know, how when your emotions are too extreme, you're notsupposed to make decisions. It's either you're too happy or too sad. Don't makemajor decision in your life. So yung career ko, ipinaubaya ko na sa kanila. I trust themnaman with this business side, so I left it all up to them."

Tough Question No. 8: "Sa tatlong taon na relasyon n'yo ni Dingdong Dantes, was he afaithful boyfriend?"

"Alam mo in my mind, that was what he said... I believe so," said Karylle.


Tough Question No. 7: "At what point in theirrelationship did Karylle give up?"

Karylle answered, "There was a point na nagigising ako inthe middle of the night tapos [takes a deep breath]... Sabi ko na, 'Ano ba 'yon..."

Noticing her voice trailing off, Boy Abunda asked whetherthere was something wrong. Karylle answered, "I knew something waswrong and I asked to help me out and figure it out but, yun."

Did he help figure it out?

"A bit," admitted Karylle. "Hindi ko alam kung ano angproblema, pero yun... Nakatulong siya ng kaunti, pero..."

Tough Question No. 6: "Nagkita kayo recently sa Amerika. Ano ang inyong pinag-usapan?"

"Hindi ko alam," said Karylle. "We saw a bunch of times kasi, and it's such a small place. I don't know why, but it was ‘Hi' and ‘Hello'lang."

Tough Question No. 5: "Nagkaroon ngbirthday concert si Dingdong Dantes at si Marian Rivera. Totoo ba na dinare mosi Dingdong na, 'Pag hinalikan mo si Marian, break na tayo?'"

"No, no. It's not true," said Karylle. "But I asked him ifit was possible not to do that. But, I would not dare."

So, what did he say?

"I can't remember, e. Ang sa akin kasi,when it's work, it's work. But maybe you can make a simple request naman. Afterall, as if they're acting on stage. It wasn't a soap, it was a concert. So,that's different."

Did he follow Karylle's request?

"Hindi," answered Karylle. "I just felt that it was notnecessary. But if he felt that it was good for the show, then... He knew naman andhe was apologetic about that."


Tough Question No. 4: "Naniniwala ka bang type ni MarianRivera si Dingdong Dantes?"

"Hindi ko alam!" laughed Karylle. "Hindi ko naman siyakakilala masyado para malaman ko ang mga ganyan bagay."

How about a gut feeling?

"I don't know. It's up for the people to decide. Hindi ko nainiiisip mga ganoong bagay."

Tough Question No. 3: "Habang ginagawa ang pictorial niDingdong para sa isang magazine, totoo nga ba na pinuntahan mo at kina