Ricky Hatton is raring to beat Manny Pacquiao

The past few weeks had been difficult for Britain's boxer Ricky Hatton due to the on-off nature of his fight deal with Manny Pacquiao's camp.

British boxer Ricky "the Hitman" Hatton had expressed mixed emotions over negotiations of his fight with Manny "the Pacman" Pacquiao, according to www.telegraph.co.uk.

In a press conference held at Manchester, England, Ricky said that he was delighted at the prospect of fighting Manny.

"...Previously we had spoken to Bob Arum [Pacquiao's promoter] and we'd agreed on the deal. I was delighted. I was jumping through hoops," related Ricky.

After Ricky's camp discussed the terms with Bob Arum, however, the deal went from on to off, and then on again. He only wanted a clear deal, but at the rate negotiations were going, the fight seemed to be elusive. Ricky's mood changed from delighted to devastated.

"I said to my dad [Ray Hatton, his manager] and my lawyer Gareth Williams that if it was not on by [last] weekend, we would have to call it off."

He added, with tinge of frustration, "I really needed to know in my mind who I was fighting, because the whole family are just about to go on our annual cruise—we're off to the Caribbean—until mid-February before I start a 12-week training camp with Floyd [Mayweather Sr] and Lee Beard."

Last week, things took the turn for the better as the fight deal was discussed again and, finally, it was for real (click here for the story ). For Ricky, the thought of finally fighting Manny was a driving issue. It gave him focus and it challenged him.

"I've got my eye on the prize," said Ricky. "I've always said it, but I don't think, at first, anyone in the world can beat me. I'm convinced I will beat Manny."





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