Motherhood excites sexy actress Joyce Jimenez

Joyce Jimenez prepares herself for motherhood by constantly asking her friends. "I always go to the Internet then I look," said Joyce about gathering information related to her condition. "But for me, the best thing I do is I ask naman my friends who already have kids."

Sexy actress Joyce Jimenez is scheduled to leave on Wednesday, May 6, to be with Filipino-American husband Paul Ely Egbalic. Joyce—who is currently three-and-a-half months pregnant—will be staying in the U.S. until she gives birth.

"I'm super excited!" gushed Joyce in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal). "It's just that siyempre naman, di ba, naninibago ako and then first-time mother? So I'm excited and scared at the same time."

A baby shower-despedida was prepared for Joyce by her good friend Mar-G Ocampo, yesterday, April 3, at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Moonlight Loop located inside the Blue Ridge B Subdivision in Quezon City.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES. Joyce relayed the news of her pregnancy to Ely by sending him an e-mail with the ultrasound picture of the baby attached.

The gender of the baby is still undetermined at this point. "We want to find out the sex muna [of the baby] bago kami mag-iisip ng name," offered Joyce.

Joyce, who rose to fame in 1999 via the sequel of Peque Gallaga's 1985 erotic cult classic Scorpio Nights, prefers to have a baby girl. "A lot of my relatives kasi are having girls right now."

Ely and Joyce were married on August 23, 2008, at the Saint Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Church in Walnut, California. Marriage, according to Joyce, did little to change her regular routine since theirs is a long-distance relationship. Joyce described her husband as a "very understanding and a very loving person," who constantly encourages her to continuously pursue her goals.

Being pregnant, however, requires Joyce to be more cautious for the sake of her unborn child.

"I'm more maingat sa sarili," she said. "I'm not so careless. I'm not always running, running up the stairs. I'm just really more maingat sa sarili."

Joyce is planning to return home after giving birth in the States to oversee her Private Joyce lingerie business and possibly to resume her showbiz career.


"I'll come back either way. Even naman if I didn't have my business, I love naman the Philippines and, obviously, I've been very attached to this country and it's a part of me already talaga."





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