Candy Pangilinan apologizes for "Igorot" joke

Comedienne Candy Pangilinan has been apologizing profusely for a remark she made recently in a show. Some people have been issuing their reactions, and even opened up a Web discussion regarding the alleged insult.

Comedienne Candy Pangilinan has been getting flak from the Igorot community lately due to her remark during her pre-Mother's Day show at SM Baguio last Saturday, May 9.

According to a thread uploaded by a forum member at last May 11, 2009, Candy arrived late for the show and she supposedly greeted the crowd with, "Tao po ako, hindi po ako Igorot." Jemz, the forum member, added that Candy repeated the remark later in the show.

The said joke apparently slighted some members in the audience, and right before the show ended, Candy issued an apology. But the remark reached the Net forums, and was referred to as "racial murder."

Early this week, Candy's Multiply page also generated negative reactions from people who are supposedly members and supporters of the Igorot community.

CANDY'S APOLOGY. Candy has posted apology after apology to tell those who cried foul when she actually meant "Igorot statue." She admitted not being able to say the word "statue," but that was what she really meant.

Today, May 13, Candy updated her blog in PEP and issued an apology. Part of the blog reads:

"I am more dissapointed with myself for being so irresponsible. Even if I didn’t intend to mean it that way, I accept my mistake. No explanation would suffice now..."

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