Katrina Halili files libel case against Hayden Kho's mother

Actress Katrina Halili went to to the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office earlier this afternoon, May 29, to file a libel case against Hayden Kho's mother, Irene Kho.

Katrina Halili has filed a libel case against Mrs. Irene Kho, the mother of the actress's former lover, Hayden, around 3 p.m. today, May 29, at the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office.

Mrs. Kho accused Katrina of introducing drugs to her son. Hayden's mother also accused talent manager Lolit Solis of instructing Katrina to cry to get the public's sympathy.

In an interview with TV Patrol World last May 26, Mrs. Kho said: "Ms. Katrina, ikaw ang naglulong sa anak ko sa droga. Alam namin 'yan at sinabi na namin 'yan sa lawyer."

Hayden's mother also added that her son is a decent man. To Katrina, she had this to say: "Anong ginawa mo? Nilulon mo sa droga! Anong klase kang babae na tatawagan mo ang mga Gabriela, lahat?"

These words may have prompted Katrina to press charges against Mrs. Kho.

Hayden and Katrina are now involved in a sex-video scandal that has reached the Senate.


Katrina was accompanied by her lawyers Raymund Palad and Mamyrlito Tan when she filed the libel case against Mrs. Kho.

The sexy actress was supposed to undergo a drug test at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), but rescheduled it to in filing the case against Mrs. Kho.


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