Meryll Soriano admits relationship with Joem Bascon but wants to keep it private

"You know, in my past relationship, I've been open to the whole Philippines, di ba? Right now, it's out of my respect to my son, to BJ [former husband Bernard Palanca], to my family, and to myself," Meryll Soriano reasoned out when asked why she wants to keep mum about her rumored relationship with Joem Bascon (inset).

Actress Meryll Soriano admits that she's happy with her current romantic relationship with Joem Bascon, but she refuses to give details.

She confirmed previous reports that she and the Cosmo hunk have been going out for a while. It started after their stint in the Pinoy adaptation of the Colombian telenovela I Love Betty La Fea.

"Meron po akong relationship right now. I just don't want to talk about it. We're not denying it. At saka kapag tinatanong naman ako, honest [ako]. I just don't wanna be interviewed about it," said Meryll when pressed for more details during the press conference of the Asianovela Miss No Good, where she lends her voice to the show's main character.

She added, "In all honesty, I just want to keep it private, kasi I owe it to myself. You know, in my past relationship, I've been open to the whole Philippines, di ba? Right now, it's out of my respect to my son, to BJ [former husband Bernard Palanca], to my family, and to myself."

The former child actress said wants to maintain a private life despite the much-publicized life of celebrities.

"I'm just trying another attack in my life right now," she said. "You know, I've grown in this business. I started acting since I was nine. My father [Willie Revillame] is a prominent man in the business, and my tita [Maricel Soriano] is a great actress. You know, parang everything in my life revolved around it. Parang I just want to be quiet in that aspect of my life."

"The privacy itself keeps me grounded, parang trying to make hold of the reality na I'm a normal person, too. Siyempre, we're spared of that, lahat kaming mga artista. Pero parang it's one way of hoping, with all this fame and workload... We don't really have privacy talaga, when we step out of the house, we're already public property. So, it's one way of balancing everything. Wala naman po kaming problema about it, we just don't want to announce it. I mean, hindi naman namin dine-deny, we're proud of it."


Does her father know about her relationship with Joem?

Meryll said her whole family knows about it. In fact, she was even advised by her father, "Alam mo 'yon, typical na, 'O, mag-iingat ka. Huwag kang magpapabuntis.'"

WILLIE IS DOING OKAY. Speaking of her father, Meryll said that Willie is doing okay despite his "suspension" because of his reaction on the inset of former president Cory Aquino's cortege from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral during the airing of his noontime show Wowowee.

The 26-year-old actress related, "I saw him before he left for U.S. Ang taba niya. Ang ganda kasi nakapag-rest siya. I mean, under the circumstance, hindi naman talaga maganda ang nangyari, pero at least, kahit papaano, naalagaan niya ang sarili niya this time. That's one good result of what happened."

Meryll is also glad that there are people who support her father on this issue.

"He didn't really mean something bad," she defended. "He meant well, it was just a matter of saying it wrong. The way that he said it was a little off. But, you know, the supporters understand naman. You know, he [made] an apology. It ends there, noong napatawad na siya ng pamilyang Aquino.

"Nami-miss niya [ang Wowowee]. Sobrang nami-miss niya. Kasi siyempre, 'yon ang ginagawa niya, di ba? Totoo namang 'yon ang ginagawa niya, so nami-miss niya nang grabe."

The actress said that her father would go back to hosting Wowowee on September 21.





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