Yaya and Angelina director Mike Tuviera downplays supposed rivalry with Kimmy Dora

Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie) director Mike Tuviera is genuinely happy with the success of comedienne Eugene Domingo.

"When we heard of Kimmy Dora being so successful, we were very happy for Eugene," said Mike, who added that the success of the said movie would benefit the entire local film industry.

Director Mike Tuviera hopes that the recent box-office success of Eugene Domingo's launching film Kimmy Dora will set a precedent for future Filipino movies in terms of revenue and public reception.

With Tuviera's latest directorial project, Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie), a few days away from making its theater premiere—and with Kimmy Dora's triumph still ringing mightily both on paper and cash registers—critics are eagerly waiting to find out how Ogie Alcasid and Michael V's offering would fare against that of Eugene.

At the grand press conference of Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie) held last September 15 at Aresi restaurant in Quezon City, the young director diffused possible comparisons by saying, "Hindi competition ang tingin namin."

He continued: "Ms. Eugene is one of the first actresses I've worked with when I was starting out. It doesn't mean na when you support one movie dapat ilaglag 'yong isang movie. We're very happy for Ms. Eugene and we're very happy for comedy in general kasi wala pang nag-hit na comedy film recently until Kimmy Dora."

Despite its reputation as a cutthroat industry dictated by trends and fleeting audience interests, Tuviera stressed that genuine support from all concerned corners and sectors is vital to resuscitate the ailing local motion picture industry.

Present figures, according to Tuviera, suggest that the film industry is on its way to recovery after a long slump, which is blamed mainly on piracy and the worsening economic conditions.

"Compared noong 2008 and 2007, ang daming nagpu-produce ngayong 2009," beamed Tuviera.

"Lahat sana successful because we need this industry to be healthy," he added sincerely. "We have a lot of stories that we want to give to the viewing public."





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