Mo Twister allows ex-girlfriend Bunny Paras's husband to adopt daughter Moira

Bunny Paras recently married her American boyfriend Tom Greenway in Las, Vegas last October 23. Tom and Bunny have since expressed their intention to adopt Moira, the daughter of Bunny and TV host Mo Twister.

DJ and TV host Mo Twister's ex-girlfriend, former actress Bunny Paras, recently wed Tom Greenway last October 23 at the Jade W. Marriot in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two have since planned to have Moira—Bunny and Mo's daughter—adopted under Tom's surname.

"Iyon nga ang sinasabi ko sa kanya I plan to get married with Tom," said Bunny in a telephone interview with Showbiz Central. "Sabi nga niya [Moira] na once you're married I'm going to call him daddy. Sabi ko nga, 'That's ok. That's good!'"

Bunny then related that her daughter was excited and finally getting a good feeling that her family was now complete. Tom, according to Bunny, made every effort to get Moira better.

"Siya 'yung daddy talaga and nagfa-function naman talaga as her dad," said Bunny. Referring to Mo, she added, "As for her biological father niya, e, nagkikita naman sila. I think tinatawag din niya [Moira] na dad. Alam naman niya at nadi-distinguish na niya siguro."

This recent happening in Bunny's life made her feel that she has finally attained a complete family, in spite of her tumultuous past.

"Feeling ko na ito na pala iyong hinihintay ko despite na lahat na pinagdaanan ko sa buhay," ended Bunny.

MO TWISTER COMMENTS. The DJ was immediately available for comment regarding Bunny's statements and he expressed joy for his former girlfriend.

"Well, I'm happy for her," smiled Mo. "Siyempre, she's been together with Tom for quite some time so, at least, nakita natin na natuloy sa kasal. 'Tapos, si Tom naman I've known him for several years na and he's a really nice guy. I think the fact na they're together formally na and that they're a family, e it's nice to see that it's him kasi mabait siya."

Does Mo feel any regret or envy now that Bunny is moving on with her life and having a family of her own?


"Oh, no," said Mo. "I'm very supportive of Bunny to find the love of her life. Ilang taon na kaming break ni Bunny, mga ten years na yata. So it's about time na, siyempre, both of us will move on to other relationships and eventually get married. So, 'yon nga, happy ako sa kanya. Mabait si Tom and I like him very much."

Does this mean he has no objections to Tom's plan in adopting Moira?

Mo answered promptly, "Adoption is, siyempre, legally on paper and nothing will take away na ako ang father ni Moira. But, you know, for Moira's sake also, it's nice to have stability in their home with two parents. Tom's doing a very good job and he's been the father figure for them, so I just wanna thank him for doing the good things he's done for them. I'm not gonna object to any adoption, pero siyempre just as long they're open na we'll be able to spend time with each other [Moira] that we get a few times sa isang taon na nandoon ako or nandito siya."





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