AGB Mega Manila TV Ratings (Feb. 2-4): Darna and Santino share primetime leadership

Marian Rivera as Darna and Zaijian Jaranilla who plays Santino in May Bukas Pa are the current queen and king of primetime TV, based on the latest overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households.

The fight for primetime supremacy is as tight as ever, with five to six shows posting 30-plus ratings.

GMA-7's Darna topped the primetime race last Tuesday, February 2, with 31.1 percent, while ABS-CBN's May Bukas Pa—which will end tonight—came on top last night, Feb. 4, with 33.3 percent. The Last Prince, also from the Kapuso network, took the second slot on both nights.

GMA-7 noontime show Eat Bulaga! still leads in the daytime race.

No data was released last Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Here are the comparative TV ratings of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 programs from February 2 and 4, based on the overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households:

February 2, Tuesday


Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 6.9%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 5.5%

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 6.4%; Mr. Bean (ABS-CBN) 4.4%

Pokemon Master Quest (GMA-7) 7.4%; Gintama (ABS-CBN) 3.6%

Kekkaishi (GMA-7) 7.3%; Naruto Shippuuden (ABS-CBN) 4.9%

Knock Out (GMA-7) 9.6%; Miss No Good (ABS-CBN) 4.2%

Kapuso Movie Festival (GMA-7) 15.7%; StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 21.6%; Showtime (ABS-CBN) 15.6%


Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 23%; Daisy Siete: Bebe & Me (GMA-7) 16.6%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 18.6%

Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (GMA-7) 17%; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? (ABS-CBN) 12.2%

StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 18.1%; Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? (GMA-7) 17.9%; Maria de Jesus: Anghel Sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 9.1%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 7%

Laf En Roll (GMA-7) 7.5%; Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Uber (ABS-CBN) 8.4%

Family Feud (GMA-7) 11%; Love Is Only In The Movie (ABS-CBN) 11%


Ikaw Sana (GMA-7) 19%; Tanging Yaman (ABS-CBN) 18.2%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 30.2%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 25.3%

Darna (GMA-7) 34.1%; May Bukas Pa (ABS-CBN) 30.1%

The Last Prince (GMA-7) 31.5%; Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (ABS-CBN) 30%

Full House (GMA-7) 27.2%; Habang May Buhay (ABS-CBN) 28.1%


StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 22.7%; Queen Seon Deok (GMA-7) 22.8%; Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (ABS-CBN) 27.3%; SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 17.1%

Saksi (GMA-7) 13.3%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 8.3%

Reporter's Notebook (GMA-7) 8.1%; The Correspondents (ABS-CBN) 6.9%; PBB Double Up Late (ABS-CBN) 1.9%; Take One Presents... (ABS-CBN) 1%

February 3, Wednesday (No available data)

February 4, Thursday


Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 6.2%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 5.4%; Mr. Bean (ABS-CBN) 3.9%

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 5.8%; Gintama (ABS-CBN) 3.1%

Pokemon Master Quest (GMA-7) 6.2%; Naruto Shippuuden (ABS-CBN) 4.6%

Kekkaishi (GMA-7) 8.9%; Knock Out (GMA-7) 10.9%; Miss No Good (ABS-CBN) 2.9%

Kapuso Movie Festival (GMA-7) 16.9%; StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 22.2%; Showtime (ABS-CBN) 13.5%


Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 24.5%; Daisy Siete: Bebe & Me (GMA-7) 17.1%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 17.1%

Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (GMA-7) 17.9%; StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 17.8%; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? (ABS-CBN) 11.6%

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? (GMA-7) 20%; Maria de Jesus: Anghel Sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 9.9%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 11.2%

Outrageous and Couregeous: OC To The Max (GMA-7) 6.9%; Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Uber (ABS-CBN) 12.2%

Family Feud (GMA-7) 10.3%; Love Is Only In The Movie (ABS-CBN) 11.5%


Ikaw Sana (GMA-7) 19.5%; Tanging Yaman (ABS-CBN) 19.1%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 30.9%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 25.3%

Darna (GMA-7) 32.8%; May Bukas Pa (ABS-CBN) 33.3%

The Last Prince (GMA-7) 33.1%; Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (ABS-CBN) 30.2%

Full House (GMA-7) 30.8%; Habang May Buhay (ABS-CBN) 26.1%

StarStruck Shout Out (GMA-7) 23.3%; Queen Seon Deok (GMA-7) 22.4%; Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (ABS-CBN) 25.9%

SRO Cinemaserye Presents Rowena Joy (GMA-7) 12.6%; SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 13.5%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 7.7%

Saksi (GMA-7) 6.6%; I Survived (GMA-7) 4.2%

Case Unclosed (GMA-7) 4.4%; PBB Double Up Late (ABS-CBN) 1.1%

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