Charlene Gonzalez welcomes being grandma to stepson Igi Boy's baby

Although she's been married to multi-awarded actor Aga Muhlach for almost a decade, Charlene Gonzalez says they still go out on dates like girlfriend-boyfriend. "All the time! The other day, we watched Robin Hood together. We always go out on date, e. Every day is a date for us," she said.

Charlene Gonzalez does not mind becoming a grandparent at the age of 36.

She became a first-time "lola" thanks to her stepson, Luigi "Igi Boy" Muhlach, her husband Aga Muhlach's lovechild with actress-TV host Janice de Belen. Igi Boy's wife Patricia Petil gave birth last May 16 to their first child, Alejandro Miguel. (CLICK HERE to related article.)

"We all reach that point in one way or another, some are earlier than the others. It's just that Luigi got married at a young age and he found the right partner at the right time," Charlene told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview during the launch of her newest endorsement, Facial Care, held this afternoon, May 28, at the Sala Restaurant on Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Charlene also mentioned how glad she is about the coming of a new baby to their family. "Anytime you have a new baby that comes into your life, it's always a blessing. Of course, we're happy for Luigi and his wife," she said.

Although she's not really the mother of Igi Boy, the 1994 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe said she was still able to connect with him. "In the past couple of months, I admit we've gotten a lot closer, to him and his wife. I always tell him na blessing para sa kanya si Patty [Patricia]. And we have a really good relationship now."

What advice did she and Aga give to the young couple?

"We pretty much give them their freedom to decide on whatever they're encountering now," said Charlene. "Kasi, of course, parang he's [Igi Boy] starting his family now and he's still quite young. So, whenever, if they need us, they know that nandiyan lang kami to maybe guide or maybe inspire them if we can. Basta nandiyan lang kami. We're so happy and blessed that in the past year or so, we've gotten a lot closer and it's been nice."


CELEBRATING NINE YEARS. Charlene got excited when PEP asked her what else she wants in her marriage with Aga. It turns out that she will be celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with the multi-awarded actor tomorrow, May 28.

"It still feels like it's the first year. Yes, it's true!" she exclaimed.

However, Charlene won't be able to have a private time with her husband tomorrow because Aga will be busy taping for his upcoming sitcom with Ai-Ai delas Alas, M3 (Malay Mo Ma-In Love).

But Charlene doesn't mind this.

"We're together every day," she explained. "Unfortunately, for tomorrow, he will be working. But the day after naman, we plan to have dinner out. Okay naman, we're together every day. I said every day is like our anniversary so we don't have to wait on the specific date."

Although Aga and Charlene have been together for nearly a decade, the TV host-actress said they never get tired of each other.

The secret, according to Charlene, "We always tell one another, 'Oh, remember, ha, we're gonna be together forever. We will always be parang magkakasama tayong dalawa, so huwag kang magsawa.' So, we always reassure each other. It's important on a daily basis—that courtship, the words you speak, and be very conscious to never really use hurtful words. So we're very conscious about respect."





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