Rochelle Pangilinan denies getting a boob job

SexBomb dancer Rochelle Pangilinan has been turning heads for now with news about her supposedly getting a boob job to enhance her bust. On Showbiz Central yesterday, May 30, the sexy dancer and actress finally commented on the issue.

News has spread about SexBomb dancer Rochelle Pangilinan getting a boob job. In a tabloid column written by PEP contributor Ruel Mendoza, he said that the sexy dancer's chest was getting more noticeable after being seen in episodes of Diva and in the production numbers on Party Pilipinas.

When Rochelle was confronted with such reports, she did not deny that she is interested in body enhancements.

"Actually sumagi sa isip ko iyan," she admitted. "Hindi naman din ako ang magiging una sakaling gawin ko iyan."

But given her busy schedule, Rochelle said that she doesn't have the time for that, rebuffing the rumor that she underwent breast augmentation.

"Wala, mahihirapan ako," she said, referring to her tapings and rehearsals. "Lalo na ngayon na walang pahinga. Monday to Sunday ang trabaho. Sa akin naman, parang mahirap pag nagpahinga ako ng isang linggo. Ako ang mahihirapan."

She admitted, however, that she is doing something to enhance her bust, and that it's private and far from bordering on cosmetic surgery.


"Kung ano man decision ko—paparetoke ako ng ilong, magpapaputi ako, o kung ano man gagawin ko sa sarili ko like magpapalaki ng boobs o puwet—e, choice ko iyon. Kung ano man tsismis mayroon diyan, e, go for the goal. Bahala na kayo!" Rochelle said.


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