Krista Ranillo comes clean on her rumored romantic affair: "It's over!"

"Never stop believing in yourself. Sometimes, even if you know that the public perception of who you are or what you are is wrong, it can get to you; naaapektuhan ka rin naman...," Krista Ranillo told veteran entertainment columnist Ricky Lo. The controversial sexy actress was pertaining to some important life lessons she learned from last year after being linked to a popular sports icon.

Controversial young actress Krista Ranillo made a startling confession to entertainment columnist Ricky Lo when the two bumped into each other recently in Los Angeles, California.

"It's over!" Krista frankly told Lo, when asked about her rumored relationship with a popular figure.

The daughter of '70s matinee idol Mat Ranillo III was romantically linked to Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao late last year although both parties denied that they were having a clandestine affair.

Manny and Krista starred in Solar Films' 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival entry titled, Wapakman.

Lo's candid conversation with Krista, which appeared in today's issue of The Philippine Star, refrained from dropping a particular name and referred to the actress's ex-boyfriend in question as simply "he" and "him."

"Has there been some 'closure' between her and him?" asked Lo.

"Oo naman. Siyempre meron," replied Krista.

The 25-year-old sexy actress, likewise, clarified the rumor saying that she got pregnant courtesy of her mystery lover. Krista allegedly consulted a Cebu-based doctor to determine her true medical condition.


"I never went to Cebu. My schedule was quite tight last year. I was promoting a movie, I was promoting Ginebra, I was endorsing some products, I was doing some shows. Before Christmas, I came back to the States and went back to Manila in January and came right back soon after. Nag-show pa nga ako sa Mindanao and I took the plane at the GenSan airport. But I never went to Cebu," Krista explained.

Krista also revealed that she has found a new love. Lo wrote in his column that Krista's new flame is a "rich and eligible bachelor " and is said to own a supermarket in California.

(In a separate interview with ABS-CBN News, Krista revealed that she is now engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend. She said that they plan to tie the knot in 2011.)

Showbiz would have to take a backseat in the meantime for Krista as she currently enjoys living a "stress-free" life in the United States while at the same time attending to a garment business with her designer cousin.



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