Survivor Philippines castaway Doc Ferdz on being voted out: "Sobrang bitin!"

He declined to be leader of his tribe because of the attention and pressure the position brings, but this cost Ferdz Recio his place in Ranong Province, Thailand, in Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown.

The celebrity edition of Survivor Philippines has sprung surprises in its recent episodes, but the shocking revelation of the person first voted off has caught even its hard-core fans off guard.

For those not in the loop, Doc Ferdz Recio was the first one voted off from the island following a different kind of voting system. Now, the tribe leader solely decides who will be voted off.

Buhawi Meneses, the tribe leader, voted out the veterinary doctor.

In Showbiz Central yesterday, September 12, 2010, the veterinarian and host of Born To Be Wild appeared live to talk about his experiences on the island, as well as to give his thoughts on Buhawi's decision to take him out.

First of all, how many days did he spend on the island?

"Total of six days. That's two councils. One council kasi is three days, e," said the doctor.

During that time, the doc was contributing to his tribe "Magan," which had Buhawi as tribe leader.

However, even then, Doc Ferdz got an idea that some of his tribe members wanted him out.

"Noong umaga pa lang, nagkaroon na ako ng idea na may usap-usapan," explained Doc Ferdz.

"This was right before the tribal council.

"Sinabihan ako ni Mico [Aytona] na 'Bro, huwag kang magugulat kung dalawa ang boboto sa iyo, si Buhawi and Mykah.'"

Does he think he was voted out because he was a strong contender for the top prize and a threat to Buhawi?

"Wala naman talaga nakakaalam kung ano iyong nasa isip ni Buhawi during that time. May nagsasabi na iniisip daw niya na isa akong threat sa kanya," said Doc Ferdz.


"He [Buhawi] even mentioned it, sa blow by blow, na may nagsasabi daw, na sabi niya naiinsecure daw. These are all...they are coming out as threats na nababasa natin sa Survivor Facebook [official page].

"Ito din ang naririnig natin habang nanonood tayo ng TV.

"Sinabi niya noong sinulat niya ang pangalan ko, was that ako daw iyong threat sa kanya, that's why he voted me out."

In his opinion, is voting out a strong player at such an early stage of the game helpful for the tribe as a whole?

"If you're asking me," began Doc Ferdz, "it's a really, really bad idea. If you'll notice sa history and tradition ng Survivor, e, you should keep the strong ones first.

"I'm not mentioning I'm the strongest, but I am stronger than Mykah. So you keep the strongest first.

"Kumbaga between me and Mykah—so, iyon ang usapan namin [to vote her out]."

On the lighter side, what was his most memorable experience on the island?

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for an ordinary person like me," smiled Doc Ferdz.

"I am an animal doctor for public affairs.

"Hindi ko naman nakakasama iyong mga artista na nakikita mo sa telebisyon. Even right now.

"Noong nakasama ko si Elma Muros na nagluluto at nagsasaing, at sina Michelle [Madrigal] at Aubrey Miles na namumulot ng tulya sa dagat..."

Was he star-struck with the people around him?

"Ay sobra! I know I was joining the Celebrity Edition but I did not realize na I would react that way.


"Nakakatabi mo sa upuan mo, at nag-uututan kayo!"

Is he willing to do it all over again?

"Oh, yes," he said. "If they ask me, I will pack my things and leave next week if that would be next week!

"During that time, hindi pa ako nag-iinit, e. Sobrang bitin!"

Who in his opinion would be this season's winner?

The vet answered: "Si Ma'am Elma."

Clearly, his vote for the final Survivor goes to Ms. Muros, a bemedalled national and international track-and-field star.





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