Andi Eigenmann laughs off rumor that she caused Jericho Rosales-Ceska Litton split

"I'm just Andi, a free-spirited teenager... I still wanna have fun and do things that normal teenagers do," said Andi Eigenmann about the negative things being said about her.

Andi Eigenmann was surprised when she found out that a rumor claims she caused the breakup of celebrity couple Jericho Rosales and Cesca Litton.

"You know, the last time I had an interview, that's the first time I heard that she's the girlfriend. Parang ganun sobra akong ka-behind," she told the entertainment media during the press conference of her new TV show Your Song yesterday, October 7, at Inasal At Iba Pa restaurant, Timog Avenue in Quezon city.

Although Andi mentioned in her past interviews that she really wanted to work with Jericho Rosales, that didn't mean she has something to do with the split.

"That's Echo's personal life," said Andi. "I wouldn't have anything to say about that. Fan ako ni Echo, I know him, he's my neighbor. But I'm close to him to know his personal life. It's not something I can meddle with."

Andi even joked, "Sana isa akong third party, sana kinakausap niya ako, di ba? Hindi ko naman po siya nakikita even if he's my neighbor. Pero gusto ko siyang i-friend. Hanapin ko na lang ang BBM niya, joke!"

"I WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR WHO I AM." Meanwhile, Andi defended herself from negative things being said about her. One of these is the comparison between the real Andi Eigenmann and her role as Agua on Agua Bendita.

Instead of getting worried about this, Andi just shrugged. "I don't care if people say bad stuff about me. I know what's wrong when it comes to my image or how I was launched in this industry. But I want to show people who I am because that's the safest way out.

"Even before I wasn't acting yet, I was always misunderstood because those people who don't understand me are the people who are not close to me. They don't know me, so they don't have any impact in my life or whatsoever."


The daughter of Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose also said it's about time people start acknowledging her for herself, not as the character she played in her previous TV project.

"I'm just Andi, a free-spirited teenager. Even if I'm working now, which is a way to, you know, buy stuff that I want or provide for my living, I'm still a kid. I still wanna have fun and do things that normal teenagers do. I'm still a normal person. I'm just an artist, the only difference among the majority," said Andi.

The media reminded her that she's a showbiz personality, so she can't avoid being talked about negatively.

She replied, "'Yon nga po ang sinasabi ng mom ko, 'Anak, hindi puwede ang ganyan, nasa showbiz ka. Hindi ito Hollywood. Hindi ka puwedeng maging Lindsay Lohan or something.' Pero sabi ko, 'Mom, it's really hard because I won't pretend.'

"It's enough that I'm pretending with my characters, when it comes to my roles that I portray. I won't portray for a living in my entire life. You know, every day, walking in the mall, pretending to be something that I'm not, pretending that I'm a princess like a pretty, cute girl. No way, I'm not that. I'm a rock star!"

If rumormongers persist, Andi said she would just ignore them.

She stated, "Why would I waste my time with you guys when I have these people who love me and who I love, too. The only people here that I'm trying to impress are the people who view me, the people like me, the people who would give me things, the people who have the authority to give me what I need or what I want to get out of this field.

"Why would I waste my time with people who say bad things about me, say rumors about me? That's their job, I'm just gonna do my job."






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