Empress Schuck admits her sister's horror stories freak her out

Empress Schuck says her family will visit an uncle in Laguna during this year's All Soul's Day. "Siya pa lang naman yung nawawala sa amin so far," she says.

Young actress Empress Schuck has no third eye. Her sister Princess, however, has one—and this always freaks Empress out.

"Yung ate ko, siya talaga yung nakakakita sa amin. Ate Princess," says the 17-year- old actress during a presscon for Natasha, a brand marketed via direct selling, on October 27, at The Sulo Hotel in Quezon City. Empress is Natasha's newest brand endorser.

Egged on by the press, including PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Empress goes on to explain that her sister has told her about experiences with the paranormal.

"Ayun, sa bahay, yung may sumisitsit, tapos, wala naman pala," Empress shares her sister's story. "Tapos, si Mama daw, ginagawa yung boses. 'Princess!' Pagtingin niya, wala naman. Hindi naman si Mama, tulog naman si Mama."

Empress adds, "Tapos, may doppelganger yung kapatid ko."

A doppelganger is a paranormal entity that may take the likeness of a real or a deceased person. Derived from the German words doppel, meaning double, and gänger, meaning walker, a doppelganger is generally seen as a harbinger of bad fortune.

History figures reported to have met their doppelganger before their deaths include English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, French novelist Guy de Maupassant, and U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Empress says her sister Princess has met a doppelganger of their brother.

"Parang, yung kuya ko, natutulog, tapos kinakausap niya yung ate ko. Tapos, paglabas nga ate ko, nakita niya yung kuya ko, galing sa labas ng bahay. Pumasok ng bahay!" Empress narrates.

Continuing, she relates the dialogue that followed between Princess and their brother: 'O, 'di ba, natutulog ka dito?' 'Ha? Kakauwi ko lang!'"


She ends the tale with, "Siya yung maraming experience na ganun."

Empress admits that she can't help but be scared when her sister tells her these stories.

"Siyempre, natatakot, natatakot ako, kasi ate ko yun, e!" the pretty actress says.

"Hindi ko alam kung niloloko ako, tinatakot lang ako, kung totoo. Pero, lagi siyang gan'yan, e.

"Sa kuwarto, may lumulutang na white lady! 'Yan yung sinasabi niya, kaya natatakot ako."

Then, maybe by way of coping, Empress adds, "Pero hindi ko na lang pinapansin."

But she also admits that she does not want to ever experience these sightings.

"Matagal ko nang sinasabi, na baka kapag nakakita ako, mahimatay na lang ako," Empress says candidly. "Wala na akong magagawa, mahihimatay na lang ako!"

Empress is also clear about not wanting to have her third eye opened.

"Ay, ayoko naman! Hindi rin naman niya in-open yung sa kanya, e. Basta na lang. Pero ayoko, ayoko!"





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