David Archuleta on his sophomore album: "The theme of this album is myself and my own perspective of life."

David Archuleta is happy with the release of his memoir, but thinks it will be a long time before he can do another one.

"Not anytime soon. I don't think so because it's already a challenge trying to write a book while touring. As a teenager, it's like woah, maybe, a couple of years more. I dunno," David said.

For a short while, the Filipino fans of American Idol alumnus David Archuleta were treated yesterday, November 17, to meet-and-greet sessions with their idol before his concert. David has been promoting his sophomore album The Other Side of Down.

Hours before the concert, which was held at the SM North Skydome in Quezon City, David held a string of interviews with the entertainment press. The Q&A sessions took place at the Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati City.

David told the press he's happy to be back in Manila. He had a concert here with American Idol winner David Cook last year.

The 19-year-old singer praised his Filipino fans, who he said are one of a kind.

"I always need to find a way to come back here just because of the support of the fans here. The Filipinos are very enthusiastic. They have a lot of energy, so there ain't really any fans anywhere else that are quite like Filipino fans," he said.

Besides, he's also close friends with Filipino singer Charice, who's making waves here and abroad with her exceptional voice.

"I'm just so happy for her," David said about Charice. "She did so well, and I think think she just deserves it because she's so talented. She's very grateful for what is happening to her. She's very appreciative about the people around her and the fans."

THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN. In the interview, David narrated how he had to assert his individuality in his new album The Other Side of Down, produced by Jive Records.


David said he was not able to do this for his previoulsy self-titled album because he was just fresh out of American Idol's seventh season, where he placed second against David Cook.

"I didn't have a lot of time until near the end of the process to get more involved. I learned a lot from that process...how the business works, and who's involved," he said.

For The Other Side of Down, David wanted to show more of his personality, and not anybody else's viewpoint. This is why he decided to tell his label what songs he wanted to do for the album, even writing many of the song lyrics.

"With this album, I'm taking that experience from the past with me. I mean, I'm still learning while, like as I was making this album, I just keep asking myself questions: 'Do I really have to go by this?' 'Do I really have to sing about this?'

"I was like, no. I mean, this is my album. My face is going on that album. And so, that's how I realized, okay, in order for other people not to tell me what to do, what is it I want to accomplish or I want to say. I want this album to be me.

"The theme of this album is myself and my own perspective of life. No one can tell me, 'You're doing it wrong, that's not the way you're supposed to do it.' They won't know more than me, than myself. I think only one person knows more about me than I do."


He even picked what pictures are to be included in the album, all of which now show movement: David jumping, hanging upside down from a chin-up bar, David climbing up a wall, and other similar pictures.

"The pictures, that was another thing that I was happy that I learned. That I didn't have to tell people what kind of pictures I need to take. I have to fight...not fight! I just have to keep my feet on the ground and be firm about what I wanted.

"It's like I wanna be happy. Actually these kinds of pictures are more appealing to people... I had to make it an effort to say 'Hey, I would like to have more of these in there.' Because I feel like if you just let people do their things, they'll just do whatever and not tell you what's going on, what's happening.

"So I made it an effort, I had to think about the pictures, I have to make an effort and say, there's a photo shoot coming up for the album. That's really important about showing people who I am and what kind of image, what kind of energy I want to show to people."

So what songs in the album does David think show off his personality the most?

"I would always refer to the first and last song," he answered. "'The Other Side of Down,' I felt it really provided the balance of what I wanted to accomplish with the lyrics and what I was talking about, and the feel-good vibe that it had. And just the quirkiness, so I felt like it was what I wanted to show to people.


"The last song, 'My Kind of Perfect,' I felt like it was my kind of love song, because I haven't been in a relationship. So it's about wondering who that person is gonna be."





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