Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis jab at MMDA billboard campaign: "No billboards in a bra"

Angel Locsin (left) and Anne Curtis’s Tuesday tweets followed the MMDA’s Monday order to take down their billboards.

Following the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) order to dismantle their EDSA billboards on July 11, Monday, Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin reacted via their Twitter accounts.

The ABS-CBN actresses exchanged tweets on Tuesday, July 12, and directly expressed their sentiments on the metropolitan authority’s campaign to pull down their "offensive" images along one of the busiest roads in Manila.

Anne’s tweet corrected the MMDA, stating that there are "No billboards in a bra. The most [in] bikinis!"

"Pero walang billboard now as they have claimed na pwede tanggalin ngayon. So i think MALI ang statement from the @MMDA. The only billboard I have along Boni-Edsa is SMDC yata at naka GOWN ako dun!!!" Anne went on to rant in her post.

Angel, on the one hand, tweeted Anne a line accompanied by a photo of a news item mentioning their names and their "sexy" billboards: "Kelan tayo nagka-ad na naka-bra lang anita?:p"

The In The Name of Love lead actress also commented, "BATHING SUIT. ONE PIECE. I used to have BB na topless, naka-2piece & one piece, wala namang issue :p"

She next directed at the MMDA a retort: "if u think offensive our BB’s na in a DECENT Bathing Suit & Gown po, fine :) don’t use our names na lang 2 promote whatever u r doing :)"

Angel’s Century Tuna advertisement with current squeeze Phil Younghusband was taken down on Monday, the same date that the MMDA issued a press statement that involved the two actresses whose ads are included in a list of billboards that will be taken down.

The dislodging of the said billboards is a part of the MMDA’s "Operation Roll Down, Baby," a campaign that started in May to stamp out billboards that display models in skimpy outfits.

The project also aims to eliminate billboards that lack permits—a violation that Angel’s tuna ad reportedly committed.


An earlier incident of eradicating "offensive" billboards occurred last week upon the request of Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos to remove the national rugby team Philippine Volcanoes’ Bench underwear ad. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)





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