Cherie Gil makes no apology for slapping Jean Garcia: "Why should I? I didn’t do her any harm. It’s work."

"When I get into the work, I get into the zone. And whatever stimuli affects my performance, or whenever I get around in the reality of my world, that’s how I work! And I got carried away!" says Cherie Gil about slapping Jean Garcia in one of their scenes even if it’s not part of the script.

"Bitch" ang description ni Cherie Gil sa role niya sa danserye ng GMA-7 na Time of My Life.

Aminado rin siyang nadala siya sa role niya sa danserye, na magsisimula na sa August 1, kaya naman nasampal niya ang kanyang co-star na si Jean Garcia sa isang eksena kahit wala sa script na gawin niya ’yon.

Kumalat ang pangyayari at aware si Cherie tungkol doon.

Pero ayon sa kanya, nang makausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa press launch ng Time of My Life, sa Studio 6 ng GMA Network kagabi, July 26, "That should not be a cause of intrigue. I’m an actor. She’s an actor.

"I play a bad guy and she’s expected na sasampalin ko siya sa eksena.

"And you know, it’s part of work. She’s a pro, I’m a pro.

"There’s no way na hindi ko siya sasampalin. Hindi tama ’yon.

"But it’s not like I’m having fun slapping people. It’s not easy to play the bitch."

Pahayag pa ni Cherie, kapag kontrabida ang role niya, nanginginig ang buong katawan niya.

"Kaya naman it should not be the cause of intrigue. And we’re adults.

"We have different working style that obviously, you know, learn along the way. First time kaming magkakatrabaho.

"So, kung anuman ang mga issues na whatever we find, you know, discomforting or whatever distraction, it’s so easy for us to tell each other," paliwanag pa ng veteran actress.

Kapag bad ang character niya, nadi-drain daw si Cherie at kapag umuuwi ng bahay, mas pinipili niyang huwag nang magsalita pa.

"It’s really dark and I haven’t played this part for a long time. Many, many years already.

"Not even with the soaps I’ve done with Channel 2. I think this is the darkest that I will be playing," pahayag niya.


Alam ni Cherie na wala sa script ang sampal na ginawa niya kay Jean.

"When I get into the work, I get into the zone.

"And whatever stimuli affects my performance, or whenever I get around in the reality of my world, that’s how I work!

"And I got carried away. Hahaha!

"Ang laki-laki ng galit ko sa kanya at that moment, so I don’t think it should be a cause for intrigue.

"Kasi inagaw niya ang asawa ko!" katwiran pa ni Cherie tungkol sa role na ginagampanan niya.

Paano tinanggap ’yon ni Jean?

"I think that’s the question you should ask her [Jean]," tugon niya.

Wala ring balak si Cherie na mag-apologize kay Jean.

"Why should I? I didn’t do her any harm. It’s work.

"The same way she gave me a slap in the Correctional the other day.

"How can a slap be effective when you don’t do it real?" saad niya.

Pero magkaibigan ba sila ni Jean?

"We are... We have a working relationship. I don’t know. You define friends, tell me!

"My objective is to be able to have fun. That’s why... that’s the purpose why I’ve been in the business for so long.

"I’ve been in the business for 39 years. That’s the point of coming here.

"I’m alone now. I don’t have any obligations. I don’t care about money.

"It’s my love of my work and the people around me. Good vibes lang talaga ang gusto ko.

"And I’m blessed because, up to this day, nabibigyan ako ng ganitong papel. Na to carry on a story as one of the leads.

"And to hang out with the young kids. Na puro barkada, na puro barkada na nina Sid Lucero at ng mga pamangkin ko.


"And that’s what keeps me up. Nabibigyan ako ng good vibes so it’s really a blessing.

"Young vibe!"

ANDI EIGENMANN. Si Cherie ay tita ng young actress na si Andi Eigenmann. Ang ama ni Andi na si Mark Gil ay kapatid ni Cherie.

How did Cherie take Andi’s pregnancy?

"How did I take it? I think what mainly Andi... how Andi responded to it, and I will be in full support.

"My position there was to... In support of my brother, Mark, as a father.

"I only have indirect connection as far as an aunt is concerned. Iba yung magulang.

"So, whatever my brother was feeling, of course, dinama rin niya ’yon, lalo na yung issue with the guy [father of Andi’s baby].

"I see him in interviews, naiyak nga ako kay Ralph... Mark. He’s really very genuine and true about it.

"Hindi naman bago sa amin ito. Eigenmann family? Hello!

"Ang aming motto is ’Accept, embrace, and love!" tawa niya.

Dagdag pa ni Cherie, "E, nandiyan na ’yan, di ba? We make choices.

"They make mistake and they learn from it. As adults, we love them and still support them.

"I can’t wait to see her because the baby is a girl!

"What’s more important is Andi’s decision to go for it. And facing it with flying colors and happy.

"I think she wants to really embrace the baby. I think kasi masyadong kaming maraming lalake."





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