Azkals Aly Borromeo, Chieffy Caligdong, and Ian Araneta do cameo appearance for Tween Academy: Class of 2012

"We would love to teach anyone who’s serious about the sport kasi yung football bagong sport lang sa country natin, di ba? So we wanna give back to everyone and show what we’ve learned in the past years," says Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo (extreme right).

With Aly in this photo are teammates Chieffy Caligdong (extreme right) and Ian Araneta (second from right) and tween star Bea Binene, one o

Tween actress Bea Binene had the privilege of shooting a scene with three of the National Football Team’s players on the set of GMA Films’ Tween Academy: Class of 2012 today, August 11.

Azkals’s team captain Aly Borromeo and strikers Chieffy Caligdong and Ian Araneta made a cameo appearance on the Tween movie slated to premiere on August 24.

In the scene, Bea, who plays the tough soccer player Georgina, is having a bad day on the field. To her surprise, the three players pay her a visit.

Bea was the only one among the 12 tween cast members who got the privilege of meeting and playing with Aly, Chieffy, and Ian.

"Sobrang it’s an honor kasi, di ba, Philippine Azkals sila, yung National Team ng Philippines sa football?

"It’s my pleasure to be with them," said a flushed and excited Bea after shooting the said scene.

She added, "Ang sarap kasi ng feeling na team captain pa ng Azkals yung nakasama ko!"

More than feeling happy about doing a cameo role for Tweens, Aly said, "We did it for the sport, to promote the sport also and [to give] inspiration to the kids out there.

"We wanna give back to the kids, to the Filipino people what we learn."

Chieffy, who admitted feeling nervous before the shoot began, also added, "First time ko ganito mag-shoot kasama yung isa sa magaling na artista para sa mga kids so...

"Kumbaga dito, magbigay lang kami ng inspirasyon sa mga bata na gustong matuto maging football star in the future."


The Azkal players taught the young actress basic kicking moves during the scene. They found Bea an easy learner.

"She picked it up easily. She kicked the ball pretty well. Kayang-kaya niya," remarked Aly.

Asked if they would consider filming a movie, a smiling Ally answered, "As long as it’s for football, I think we can’t say no."

Further asked if they would do a movie sans a football setting, he replied, "Concentrate muna kami sa football ngayon."

For Chieffy, a good movie would be one that would promote any sport.

He added, "Saka [yung movie na] nagbibigay ng [message] na sana ’wag mag-give up, na everybody may chance sa kahit anong sports—football, basketball...."

The Azkals, who are currently on a two-week vacation, will not be around by the time Tween Academy: Class of 2012 opens.

The Azkals are scheduled to compete against Hong Kong and Macau in the Long Teng Cup in Taiwan this September.

Meanwhile, they are also preparing for the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia this coming November. Coach Michael Weiss will be leading the Philippines’ Under-23 and the senior Azkals to hopefully bag the nation’s first football medal.





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