Paris Hilton meets her "loyal Pinay fan"

"Thank you so much for wanting to see me. You’re an inspiration," says Isha Dinio to her idol Paris Hilton, whom she was able to meet during the Hollywood celebrity’s short visit to Manila.

Paris Hilton’s loyal Pinay fan became emotional upon seeing her idol in flesh at the press conference of Century Property’s Azure at The Peninsula Manila in Makati yesterday, August 17.

While having the usual question-and-answer segment, event host Andi Manzano told the Hollywood celebrity that her most loyal Pinay fan is inside the The Conservatory.

It seemed like Paris already had an idea who Andi was referring to that she said, "Oh, my god, is that Isha?" while pointing to a lady behind the cameramen.

Then, she continued, "Is that her? I can see her.

"I thought it was her because I can only see her on Twitter.

"Is that Isha?

"Hi, Isha! I knew it was you."

It can be recalled that the report about Paris visiting the country spread easily through her "loyal friend and fan" Isha Dinio.

Paris posted this on Twitter last August 2: "Hey @iamishagirl, I’m flying to Manilla, Philippines on August 13th for a few days. Would love to meet up while I’m there. Love you. xo P" (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

When Isha was asked to come up on stage, she shyly said "Hi" to Paris while handing her gifts packed inside a native woven bag.

Paris, in return, gave Isha a hug and also a gift—a pink and gray "Paris Hilton" purse.

Isha was in tears while thanking Paris for visiting the country.

She said, "Thank you so much for wanting to see me. You’re an inspiration."


Paris replied with a smile, "I’m so happy to meet you. I’m so happy, I am.

"I know I’m going to meet you for the long time we’ve been talking on Twitter.

"I saw you there and I knew that was you. You’re beautiful."

In a short interview with Isha after the event, she related that she’s been a fan of Paris after seeing her in a magazine 10 years ago.

"After that, I never stopped loving her. Since that, pina-follow ko na talaga siya. Super fan talaga ako niya.

"There is something in her na gusto ko talagang ma-meet.

"There’s something in Paris na kahit may mga negative ano sa kanya, feeling ko may something in her na feeling ko magkaparehas kami."

Aside from Isha, Century Properties also gave a chance to selected Facebook contacts, who are also an avid fan of Paris, to meet their idol.

They were able to have copies of Paris’s autobiographical book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, signed by Paris herself.

Of course, they were also given a photo opportunity with the hotel heiress.





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