Paulo Avelino will be "lalakeng walang pahinga" this Halloween

When asked which Cinema One classic is closest to his life journey, Paulo Avelino answered, "Boatman."

The Kapamilya actor explained, "It’s just the first thing that got into my mind when you asked about Cinema One. After seeing the movie, I was amazed with the main actor [Ronnie Lazaro], yung boatman—how he treated his character and how he treated the other characters as well."&l

While most people are anticipating the extended vacation break, Paulo Avelino is going to be busy from October 30 to November 1 promoting his upcoming horror movie under Regal Films.

At Cinema One’s Sine Sindak Halloween Outdoor Screening 2011 last October 28, he nodded when we said, "Siya na ang lalakeng walang pahinga."

But before going into detail about Aswang, he talked about the movies that scared him.

"An Asian film that really got me was The Ring," he began. "Doon talaga nag-start yung ganoon kagrabe.

"Sa foreign, there are a lot, pero I would choose siguro Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

He said he prefers movies over books because he is more of a visual person. But as a kid, he liked the Goosebumps series, which he’d borrow from his sister.

Any dream role?

"To play the role of Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands," he said. "It’s a very fun and hard role to be in. I’d go up for the challenge."

He then broke into laughter, "It is more fun to be the one doing the killing!"

Given the chance, he’d also love to have a role in The Grudge, "pero I’d rather be the ghost that... it’s really fun to scare people."

So far, he has done two horror flicks: Aswang and Patient X, where he played the nurse.

And what have been his preparations for this movie, which also stars Lovi Poe?

"I rarely get scared, so when I prepare for a role, I really find... especially when a scene needs me to look scared, huhukay talaga ako. I need to go and feel yung takot for it to show on camera."

What can the viewers expect as Lovi Poe’s leading man?

Paulo replied, "Something that people really wouldn’t know or see about my role in Aswang is... my character is a very loving person sa family side.


"And he grew up for purely revenge. And when he got stuck in this part of his life where he couldn’t really take or forget the revenge he wanted to take... working for a guy who he really wanted to kill, and siguro that would be the main drive of my character."

Latsly, he described the people he got to work with in Aswang.

"Wala akong magawa kung di matuto dito sa mga kasama ko.

"First of all, Direk Jerrold Tarog. We sketched my character together. He was always there to guide me.

"Marc Abaya, he was also a big part of creating my character.

"And Lovi is very natural. Nadadala ako lagi sa eksena."





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