Coney Reyes reveals one thing she learned from co-star Xyriel Manabat: To pose with a pout

Coney Reyes can’t help but ring more praises for Xyriel Manabat, whom she dubbed the child wonder. "She’s really smart. She can pick up very easily," she says.

"She’s somebody na I would consider the latest child wonder. Iba siya mag-work, iba," says Coney Reyes about Xyriel Manabat, who’s playing her kid version in 100 Days To Heaven.

They didn’t have a lot of scenes together, "We’re the same person. So, it’s just like transitions from the little girl to the old Anna, then to the little Anna..." But the actress has so much to say about her co-star.

"Ako namamangha. Kapag pinapanood ko siya, parang..." and Coney showed the look of utter amazement.

During the show’s gift-giving activity yesterday, November 18, she related, "Every now and then, kasi bata, di ba, nagiging Xyriel siya. But then she is just this wonderful, terrific young actress. I can see she’s really gonna go places."

Aside from being "really smart," the kid is serious about acting.

The 58-year-old actress recalled an incident when she got reminded by Xyriel about the continuity of their movements while shooting a transition scene.

In a very adult manner, the seven-yearl-old child would say, "Tita Coney," then reenact the correct position or pose with raised eyebrows.

Coney exclaimed, "It’s wonderful to be working with a young kid, a genius. I’ve worked with a lot of kids. It’s really refreshing, e, to be working with kids."

"REFRESHING" WORK EXPERIENCE. Their tandem will come to its end tonight, the top-rating series’ final episode.

And throughout the turnover ceremony of the 100 Toys to Heaven activity, Xyriel hugged Coney at least five separate times.

Coney couldn’t help but reminisce, "Marami kaming interaction talaga. Marami kaming bonding moments.

"She’ll go to my tent, she’ll bring her little doll. We’ll play there. Or sometimes I’ll get her some crafts, ganoon.

"Pero yung kaming dalawa, yun ang bonding namin. Kulitan. Minsan mahilig kami mag-posing-posing."


Coney even showed the poses they used to do together, and learned from Xyriel.

"Yung pareho kami ng [pose], kinukunan kami ng picture! Model-model..." she said with a pout then a smile.

Xyriel’s parting gift for Coney was a handcrafted card and puto with cheese.

"We constantly give each other gifts," stated the lady who began her career in showbiz as a host. She already gave the kid toys and a Children’s Bible.

So, what will she give Xyriel?

"There has been no time but definitely we will find time to be together. And I’ll ask what she really wants. But I think I have an idea."





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