Cesca Litton on new squeeze of ex-boyfriend Jericho Rosales: "He has his own life now, I have mine."

Cesca Litton is currently "single but dating." When asked to give clue about the identity of the guy she has been hanging out with, she only said, "Non-showbiz."

"Anong issue sa ’kin?" a smiling Cesca Litton asked PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the event of SM Accessories last February 27.

We answered "lovelife," to which she exclaimed, "Natawa naman ako sa tanong. My god! Eto, single pa rin."

What happened to the cager she was dating?

The host replied, "Ay, my gosh! Last year pa yun. No na..."

Then turning more serious, she told PEP that she has been taking her time as far as the heart matters are concerned.

Cesca mused, "I think I’m just being a lot more careful na kasi, siyempre, mahirap na masaktan.

"Kasi, yun nga, at the start of the year, people were asking me, ’What’s your new year’s resolution?’

"And I said, ’Guard my heart.’

"I think it’s more of ’pag darating siya, darating siya."

When asked to describe her ideal man, the Kapamilya personality just shook her head.

She resumed, "Hindi ako puwedeng humirit kay God na, ’God, gusto ko ’to, gusto ko ganyan.’

"It’s really more of waiting for the right person, knowing that that’s the right person. ’Pag alam mo, alam mo na ’yon."

But would she prefer showbiz over non-showbiz beau?

Cesca’s reply: "Hindi naman ako makakahirit. Parang mahirap sabihing, ’Ayoko na, ayokong mag-date ng showbiz guy.’

"Kasi baka biglang sabihin ni God, ’E sa ’yo yun, e.’"

EX’S NEW SQUEEZE. After some dilly-dallying, we finally asked her about Jericho Rosales, her ex-boyfriend.

Has she heard about Echo’s new girlfriend?


Before we could finish our questions, she cut in, "Oo naman. Oo naman. But I haven’t met her yet. Ang alam ko, host siya, di ba?"

Laughing, she added, "Wala ka nang matanong ’no."

But did Echo (the actor’s nickname) mention it to her?

"I haven’t talked to him in a while... Actually, when we broke up naman, we were friends. Siyempre, he has his own life now, I have mine," she said.

For now, she wants to take her time before entering a relationship.

Cesca resumed, "I’ve been going out with friends, meeting people, ganyan-ganyan... Pero yun lang, not ready pa."

Doesn’t she have a crush?

"Ay, crush wala," she was quick to reply.

"I’m really... for me kasi, when I’m in a relationship with someone, it’s going to take a lot [of time] talaga.

"Kasi the next person I’m with, gusto ko, yun na.

"I think naman, every person who gets into a relationship thinks na yun na talaga, di ba?

"But yun lang, I just want to be more careful with my heart."

How about a constant date?

Her answer: "I think there’s someone... Not showbiz. Basta, I’ve been hanging out..."





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