Iya Villania on getting engaged to Drew Arellano: "Why not?"

One of Iya Villania’s many talents: "Kahit may maingay, kaya kong matulog." She related that there one party where she fell asleep "sa ilalim ng mesa" while her friends were "nag-iinuman."

"I definitely hope so," was Iya Villania’s answer when asked if Drew Arellano is already the one.

Some people, according to her, may find her eight-year relationship "boring."

Unlike most showbiz couples, their problems never made it to the headlines.

The Filipina-Australian celebrity threw in, "I’m not an actress. I’m not Angel Locsin. I’m busy but it’s quiet. I’m really not on the frontline.

"And I want that because I get to enjoy my craft. And people are not really bombarding me with issues.

"I like that."

At the press conference of her new endorsement Bioessence this afternoon, March 8, she revealed that a quality moment for her and Drew would mean "gym, kain, movie, family time, and grocery."

Smiling, she added, "8:30 pa lang ng umaga, habang kayo ay pagising pa lang, magkasama na kami, nagwo-work out."

They’re not into late-night partying and drinking. Aside from the fact that both of them are part of morning shows, she explained, "We have our own kind of fun."

So, you don’t have a night life?

Iya’s answer: "Hindi naman sa wala. It’s just my preference.

"I really don’t enjoy going out late at night kasi inaantok na rin naman ako..."

THE FORMULA. Drew is six years her senior so, in Iya’s own words, "He’s done with playing around. He’s done with experimenting. And he knows himself. He’s sure of who he is and what he wants."

She described what they have as "progressive kind of relationship," which allows them to grow as individuals and as a a couple.


At 25, the Kapamilya host said, "I’m still discovering myself, learning more about myself.

"He allows me to grow.

"Kahit na marami na siyang alam sa buhay, he still gives me...his thoughts and his advice.

"But he allows me to make my own decisions.

"Whether I make the right or wrong decisions, if it’s what it takes para matuto ako sa buhay, he lets me."

One thing she likes about their set-up, "hindi yung kontralado."

And despite the issues they have to deal with intermittently, the long wait "seems to be working" for her.

The Umagang Kay Ganda co-host resumed, "It’s been eight years so we know better..."

And what’s the secret to her happy relationship?

She said, "Trust, understanding, patience, and paniniwala sa anumang meron kami."

"NAG-AAWAY KAMI." Yes, they sometimes have LQ or lovers’ quarrel.

The talent of Arnold Vegafria exclaimed, "We have a lot of differences.

"Ah, we know each other well na that we know how to deal with differences....

"It’s just, we deal with it right away."

For a time, she was the type who would suddenly become "tahimik pag nagtatampo."

But Drew would ask her, "Honey, I know you. What is it?"

And after open up about the issue, she and the Unang Hirit co-host would tackle how to address it.

"So, the next time around, hindi siya magiging problema kasi we’re able to deal with that in the past," Iya remarked.

By now, she already knows her boyfriend so well.


Here’s an instance:

"Si Drew kasi, bawal iyan magutom. Pag nagutom siya, kulang sa tulog, or pag pagod siya, mainit yung ulo niya. Hindi mo siya puwedeng pag-antayin.

"E. siyempre ako minsan, nagpapaganda pa ako. Mag-antay ka diyan... Gutom na siya.

"[He would ask], ’Where are we gonna eat?’

"[I would reply], "Tsutsutsu, gutom na bebe ko. Kain lang iyan. Kain lang iyan... Magpapa-cute lang ako.

"Eventually, matatawa rin siya kasi alam ko na hindi ko rin siya papatulan."

But when it’s really "wrong timing" and "mainit ulo namin pareho," they let themselves cool down first before pursuing the issue.

Iya said, "Okay let’s give it time...Palamigin muna natin. And then, we can address that."

Does she still get jealous?

Smiling, she tagged it as "selos-selosan."

She elaborated, "Pag gusto ko ng may issue kami, oo.

"Kasi naman for me, hindi naman puwedeng wala ka ng care sa sobrang trust mo na yung isang tao na kahit kung sinong kasama niya, kung sinong mga guests niya...

"Oo yun, kahit kunwari lang, you know, may selos..."

But it never came to the extent that she would confront a girl via text.

DREW’S THE ONE. At this point, she already feels secure, and is hoping that she would end up with Drew.

What if the guy proposes tomorrow?

"Hindi pa naman kasalan," was her quick reply. "But I would...why not? Why not?

"I mean, I wouldn’t be in this relationship if I didn’t believe that that’s where it will lead eventually.


"Noon pa lang, whether...before I get into relationship, yun na yung talagang unang pumapasok sa isip ko bago ko sagutin yung tao—kung this guy could actually be my husband.

"You know, I mean, ano ba yung intention nito? So, maaga pa lang, I already think about that..."

So, Drew’s the one?

Her parting shot: "I definitely hope so. Hindi naman ’to...itong eight years na ’to, hindi para naman sa wala...

"I’m still in this relationship for those reasons...he could be my life partner."

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