AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household Ratings (May 4-7): Mon Tulfo vs Raymart-Claudine airport incident steals the limelight

The news about the airport brawl involving celebrity couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago and veteran broadcast journalist Mon Tulfo is the hottest thing on TV these days.

Here are the comparative Rating Points of ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA-7 programs from May 4 to 7, 2012 based on the overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Phils among Mega Manila households:

May 4, Friday


Rescue Replay (GMA-7) 0.5%; Krusada Replay (ABS-CBN) 0.2%; Alagang Kapatid Replay (TV5) 0.2%

Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 3.5%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 2.5%; Good Morning Club (TV5) 0.9%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 4.7%

Tom and Jerry (GMA-7) 8.5%; Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (ABS-CBN) 4.2%; Fish Hooks (TV5) 5.6%

Jackie Chan Adventures (GMA-7) 8.8%; Naruto Shippuuden (ABS-CBN) 5.5%; Phineas and Ferb (TV5) 4.8%

Mojacko! (GMA-7) 13.4%; Slam Dunk (GMA-7) 13.7%; One Piece (GMA-7) 14.0%; Kris TV (ABS-CBN) 5.3%; Ed Edd N Eddy (TV5) 5.8%; Dexter’s Laboratory (TV5) 6.9%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Col.Elmer Jamias… (GMA-7) 11.7%;Kapamilya Blockbusters: Tabi Tabi po! (ABS-CBN) 7.4%; Ben 10 (TV5) 7.1%; Cooking Kumares (TV5) 3.8%; Face To Face (TV5) 9%


Chef Boy Lagro Kusina Master (GMA-7) 16.1%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 25.2%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 7.7%; Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines (TV5) 6.3%; Sinetanghali: Stardust (TV5) 8.9%; Balitaang Tapat (TV5) 5.0%; Public Atorni: Asunto O Areglo (TV5) 3.8%

Hiram Na Puso (GMA-7) 17.8%; Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (ABS-CBN) 6.8%; Isang Dakot Na Luha (TV5) 3%; Felina: Prinsesa Ng Mga Pusa (TV5) 4%

The Good Daughter (GMA-7) 19.1%; Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (ABS-CBN) 7.3%; Super Sine 5: Fly Away Home (TV5) 5.8%

Broken Vow (GMA-7) 17.4%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012 (ABS-CBN) 8.3%

It Started With A Kiss (GMA-7) 15.5%; Precious Hearts Romances: Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin (ABS-CBN) 10.7%; T3 Kapatid Sagot Kita! (TV5) 6.2%


Alice Bungisngis and Her Wonder Walis (GMA-7) 18.6%;Wako Wako (ABS-CBN) 11.1%;Metro Aksyon (TV5) 8.0%; Aksyon (TV5) 9.3%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 21.1%; TV Patrol 25 (ABS-CBN) 17.3%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 9.9%

Biritera (GMA-7) 19.7%; Princess And I (ABS-CBN) 20.6%


Legacy (GMA-7) 20.8%; Walang Hanggan (ABS-CBN) 27.3%; Valiente (TV5) 6.0%

My Beloved (GMA-7) 25.2%; Dongyi (GMA-7) 25.1%; Dahil Sa Pag-ibig (ABS-CBN) 19.3%;Super Sine Prime: Mission Impossible (TV5) 7%

Bubble Gang (GMA-7) 17.2%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 14.3%; Dream High (ABS-CBN) 9.3%; Pilipinas News (TV5) 2.5%

Saksi (GMA-7) 6.1%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 4.7%; Bitag (TV5) 2.3%

Tunay Na Buhay (GMA-7) 4.4%; SOCO (ABS-CBN) 4.4%; Juicy! (TV5) 1.1%

Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 2.9%; Storyline (ABS-CBN) 2.0%; Cge TV in Da Loop (ABS-CBN) 1.2%; The Medyo Late Night Show With Jojo A. All The Way (TV5) 0.4%

May 5, Saturday


PJM Forum (GMA-7) 0.5%; Adyenda (GMA-7) 0.9%; Family Matters (TV5) 0.2%

Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko (GMA-7) 1.2%; Sa Kabukiran (ABS-CBN) 0.8%; Maunlad Na Agrikultura (TV5) 0.3%

Pinoy MD: Mga Doktor ng Bayan (GMA-7) 2.5%; Salamat Dok (ABS-CBN) 1.5%; Alagang Kapatid (TV5) 0.9%

Legion of Super Heroes (GMA-7) 4%; Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak (ABS-CBN) 2.7%; Handy Manny (TV5) 2.8%

Jewelpet (GMA-7) 5.3%; Honey Watch Out! (ABS-CBN) 1.4%; Jungle Junction (TV5) 4.3%

Tom and Jerry Kids (GMA-7) 8.7%; I Got It! (ABS-CBN) 1.9%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 5.6%

One Piece (GMA-7) 10.1%; Go Diego Go! (ABS-CBN) 2.9%; Batibot (TV5) 4.2%

Tropang Potchi (GMA-7) 6.3%; The Penguins of Madagascar (ABS-CBN) 4.2%; The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (ABS-CBN) 4.8%; Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens (ABS-CBN) 9.3%

Maynila (GMA-7) 7.9%; Kapuso Movie Festival: The Lost World: Jurassic Park(GMA-7) 16.5.%; Kapamilya Blockbusters: All About Love (ABS-CBN) 8%; Untold Stories Mula Sa Face To Face (TV5) 6.9%


Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 27.2%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 9.1%; Paparazzi Showbiz Exposed (TV5) 2.7%; Sinetanghali: The Spiderwick Chronicles (TV5) 7.6%

Startalk TX Now (GMA-7) 10.3%; Showbiz Inside Report (ABS-CBN) 5.1%;Video Incredible (TV5) 7.2%

Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) 10.8%; Oka2Kat (ABS-CBN) 5.2%; Sabado Sineplex: The Day After Tomorrow (TV5) 7.8%

24 Oras Weekend (GMA-7) 11.8%;FailonNgayon (ABS-CBN) 5.9%; TV Patrol 25 Weekend (ABS-CBN) 8.1%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 12.1%



Manny Many Prizes (GMA-7) 13.8%; Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal (ABS-CBN) 12.5%; Wansapanataym: Doll House (ABS-CBN) 17.1%

Kapuso Movie Night: Ian Flemming’s Dr.No (GMA-7) 20.1%;MMK 20 Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) 19.3%; Talentadong Pinoy: Battle of the Champions (TV5) 18.6%

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (GMA-7) 19.3%; Toda Max (ABS-CBN) 12.3%;

Imbestigador (GMA-7) 14.8%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 12.6%; The Jose And Wally Show Starring Vic Sotto (TV5) 8.3%

Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 7.6%; Banana Split Extra Scoop (ABS-CBN) 9.2%; Super Sine Prime: The Fast and the Furious (TV5) 7.5%

Walang Tulugan With The Master Showman (GMA-7) 2.0%; The Bottom Line With Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN) 3%; Sports Unlimited (ABS-CBN) 1.4%; Tutok Tulfo (TV5) 3.6%; Aksyon Sabado (TV5) 2.1%

May 6, Sunday


Jesus The Healer (GMA-7) 0.4%; Journo Replay (TV5) 0.3%; Insider Replay (TV5) 0.6%; Bitag Replay (TV5) 1.0%

In Touch With Dr. Stanley (GMA-7) 0.6%; The Healing Eucharist (ABS-CBN) 3.5%; Misa Nazareno (TV5) 2.4%

Legion of Super Heroes (GMA-7) 3.6%; Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak (ABS-CBN) 2.5%; Alagang Kapatid (TV5) 2.3%

Jewelpet (GMA-7) 7.0%; Tom And Jerry Kids (GMA-7) 10.0%; Salamat Dok (ABS-CBN) 2.3%; Courage The Cowardly Dog (TV5) 3.2%

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders (GMA-7) 9.5%; Spider-Man (ABS-CBN) 2.8%; Codename: Kids Next Door (TV5) 4.6%

Slam Dunk (GMA-7) 8.9%; Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (ABS-CBN) 3.7%; The Secret Saturdays (TV5) 4.9%

AHA! (GMA-7) 7.6%; Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 5.5%; Teen Titans (TV5) 6.9%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Jurassic Park III (GMA-7) 17.2%; 2012 NBA Playoffs(ABS-CBN) 5.8%; Ring Kings: Mayweather vs Cotto (TV5) 16.8%


Party Pilipinas (GMA-7) 10.5%; ASAP 2012 (ABS-CBN) 7.2%; Kapitan Awesome (TV5) 5.6%

Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts (GMA-7) 9.7%; Luv U (ABS-CBN) 7.2%; Toink! Sino Ang Tama? (TV5) 4.1%

Showbiz Central (GMA-7) 8.9%; The Buzz (ABS-CBN) 8.5%; Sunday Sineplex: Ben10 Destroy All Aliens (TV5) 6.6%


24 Oras Weekend (GMA-7) 11.4%;TV Patrol 25 Weekend (ABS-CBN) 10.2%; Pidol’s Wonderland (TV5) 5.8%


Tweets For My Sweet (GMA) 16.6%;Goin’ Bulilit (ABS-CBN) 11.4%; Pinoy Explorer (TV5) 8.6%

Kap’s Amazing Stories (GMA-7) 15.8%; Rated K (ABS-CBN) 15.8%; Extreme Makeover Home Edition (TV5) 7.7%

Ibilib Featuring the Wonders of Horus (GMA-7) 14.3%; Sarah G Live (ABS-CBN) 12.1%; Talentadong Pinoy (TV5) 16.4%

Kapuso Movie Night: Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (GMA-7) 20%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 12.4%

SNBO: Game of Death II (GMA-7) 12%; Gandang Gabi Vice (ABS-CBN) 13%;

Diyos at Bayan (GMA-7) 1.8%; Sunday’s Best: 43rd Box Office Entertainment Awards (ABS-CBN) 4.8%; The Biggest Game Show In The World Asia (TV5) 4.7%; USI Under Special Investigation (TV5) 2.2%; Aksyon Linggo (TV5) 2.3%

May 7, Monday


Tunay Na Buhay Replay (GMA-7) 0.7%; Ako Ang Simula Replay (ABS-CBN) 0.4%;Tutok Tulfo Replay (TV5) 0.4%

Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 4%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 2.9%; Good Morning Club (TV5) 1.2%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 4.2%

Tom and Jerry (GMA-7) 8.1%; Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (ABS-CBN) 3.8%; Fish Hooks (TV5) 5%

Jackie Chan Adventure (GMA-7) 8.9%; Naruto Shippuuden (ABS-CBN) 4.7%; Phineas and Ferb (TV5) 4.7%

Mojacko! (GMA-7) 10.8%; Slam Dunk (GMA-7) 12.1%; One Piece (GMA-7) 13.8%; Kris TV (ABS-CBN) 4.1%; Codename: Kids Next Door (TV5) 5.7%; Dexter’s Laboratory (TV5) 7.3%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Mukhang Bungo (GMA-7) 12.9%;Kapamilya Blockbusters: Kalibre .45 (ABS-CBN) 5.9%; Ben 10 (TV5) 7.2%; Cooking Kumares (TV5) 5.2%; Face To Face (TV5) 8.8%


Chef Boy Lagro Kusina Master (GMA-7) 14.4%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 24.5%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 7%; Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines (TV5) 5.3%; Sinetanghali: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (TV5) 6.9%; Balitaang Tapat (TV5) 4.9%; Public Atorni: Asunto O Areglo (TV5) 3.7%

Hiram Na Puso (GMA-7) 17.1%; Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (ABS-CBN) 6.2%; Isang Dakot Na Luha (TV5) 3.3%

The Good Daughter (GMA-7) 20.1%; Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (ABS-CBN) 7.3%; Felina: Prinsesa Ng Mga Pusa (TV5) 3.5%


Broken Vow (GMA-7) 16.6%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012 (ABS-CBN) 8.5%; Super Sine 5: My Super Ex-Girlfriend (TV5) 6.2%

It Started With A Kiss (GMA-7) 12.3%; Wako Wako (ABS-CBN) 8.1%; T3 Kapatid Sagot Kita! (TV5) 9.7%


Alice Bungisngis and Her Wonder Walis (GMA-7) 11.3%;Aryana (ABS-CBN) 11.7%; Metro Aksyon (TV5) 12.2%; Aksyon (TV5) 14.7%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 27.6%; TV Patrol 25 (ABS-CBN) 20.4%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 11.3%

Biritera (GMA-7) 22%; Princess And I (ABS-CBN) 24.7%

Legacy (GMA-7) 22.3%; Walang Hanggan (ABS-CBN) 27%

My Beloved (GMA-7) 22.1%; Dahil Sa Pag-ibig (ABS-CBN) 19.6%; Valiente (TV5) 6.4%

Dongyi (GMA-7) 21.6%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 14.8%; Dream High (ABS-CBN) 10.6%; Super Sine Prime: Lara Croft Tomb Raider (TV5) 7.7%

Saksi (GMA-7) 10.6%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 5.9%; Pilipinas News (TV5) 4.9%;

I Witness (GMA-7) 6.3%; Iris (GMA-7) 3.8%; XXX (ABS-CBN) 3.4%; Wanted (TV5) 2.7%; Juicy! (TV5) 1.6%

Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 2.8%; Cge TV In Da Loop (ABS-CBN) 1.5%; The Medyo Late Night Show With Jojo A. All The Way (TV5) 0.8%

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