Valerie Bariou-Bondoc on working closely with Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner: "We were there wherever and whenever they were needed. Almost like their shadow.”

It took a while, but Valerie Bariou-Bondoc finally calmed down when she learned she would be working with big Hollywood stars: "I was shocked and I just couldn’t believe that I would be meeting them and working with them. Onemig is a very big fan of Edward Norton. He was the one who told me about all his movies. One of my favorite and must-watch movie, of course, is The Mummy with Rachel Weisz. Jeremy Renner naman was getting noticed in recent films

Nakasama ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang pamilya Bondoc sa ika-limang taong birthday party ni Armelle.

Si Armelle ang nag-iisang anak ng mag-asawang Onemig Bondoc at Valerie Bariou-Bondoc sa tahanan nila sa La Cumbre sa Capitol Hills noong Linggo, June 9.

At kahit siya hands-on at abala sa pag-e-estima ng mga bisita at pag-aasikaso ng birthday party ng anak, nagkaroon pa rin ng pagkakataon ang PEP na makausap si Valerie.

Si Valerie, sa mga hindi nakakaalam, ay isa sa mga in-demand na commercial model sa bansa. Marami na rin siyang nagawang commercials here and abroad. Bukod pa rito, nakagawa na rin si Valerie ng ilang indie films gaya ng Red Shoes at Emir.
Pero biglang naging maingay ang pangalan ni Valerie nang mag-shooting ng mahigit na isang buwan sa bansa ang Hollywood film na The Bourne Legacy. Si Valerie ang nakuhang maging stand-in sa Hollywood actress na si Rachel Weisz.
Hello Kitty ang napiling theme sa 5th birthday ng anak nina Onemig at Valerie. Sa mismong bahay ng mga Bondoc ginanap ang birthday party na kunsaan, sala pa nga lang ng bahay ay kayang-kaya nang i-accommodate ang maraming bisita.
Ayon kay Valerie, pinagpa-party raw nila ang anak tuwing sasapit ang kaarawan nito.
“I don’t know until when she will have her birthday party. We only have one kid, so, we’re kind of spoiling her.
"At the same time, I enjoy organizing her party. First birthday was a Care Bear, second birthday was Dora. Third birthday was Princess. Her fourth was Strawberry Shortcake. And now, Hello Kitty.”
Mahigit anim na taon na raw silang mag-asawa ni Onemig.
Pero ayon kay Valerie, “It’s still the same. Marriage or no marriage, we’re still independent. We have our set of friends. We have time for everyone. Family, friends, Armelle. As a dad, Onemig is cool. Super cool.
“I’m the one who explains everything, but now, no need anymore because she already knows. She’s also very independent.”
BOURNE LEGACY TRAILER. Samantala, kailan lang ay ini-release na ang trailer ng The Bourne Legacy at makikita na nga sa trailer ang ilang lugar sa bansa. Tinanong namin si Valerie kung ano ang naramdaman niya noong una niya itong napanood.

“It has been a couple of months na after the shooting. We all experienced shooting withdrawal. We were used to seeing each other every day for long hours. Then after two months, we had to say our goodbyes.
“Recently, when someone from the production shared to us the link of the latest trailer of The Bourne legacy, I was ecstatic. I was jumping on my seat. Everything just came rushing back.
“I could even smell the fish port. We were hiding behind a wall... [I’m so] grateful to have been part of this project, even behind the scene lang!”
Noong unang makausap ng si Valerie tungkol sa pagiging bahagi niya ng naturang Hollywood movie as stand-in actor, hindi pa niya nagawang magkuwento ng anumang detalye at naging karanasan niya bukod sa sinabi niyang kinailangan niyang mag-audition at isa nga siya sa pinalad na mapili.
HOLLYWOOD STARS. Hindi rin siya makapag-kuwento ng anumang karanasan niya sa mga Hollywood actors na lumabas sa pelikula tulad nina Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton at Rachel Weisz.
Ayon nga kay Valerie, “I’m very bad with names so I had to do some research first. I was shocked and I just couldn’t believe that I would be meeting them and working with them.
“Onemig is very big fan of Edward Norton. He was the one who told me about all his movies. One of my favorite and must-watch movie, of course, is The Mummy with Rachel Weisz.
“Jeremy Renner naman was getting noticed in more recent films such as Mission Impossible, The Avengers. It took two days [for everything to finally sink in] and to pacify myself.”
Dugtong pa niya, “Siyempre you’re working with creme de la creme of actors. Hollywood stars that have been in the industry for so long and have accomplished their dream career.”
Sa tatlo, naging malapit daw si Valerie kay Rachel at Jeremy na madalas niyang nakakasama sa location.
“I was closer to Rachel and Jeremy since they had more scenes together. We were there wherever and whenever they were needed. Almost like their shadow.”
Nakagawa na rin siya ng ilang local films at kahit nga behind the camera siya, tinanong namin si Valerie kung nakita niya ang kaibahan ng paggawa ng local at Hollywood film.
“Definitely budget and time,” natatawa niyang sabi.
“In a foreign film 5 a.m. means 5 a.m. In Manila, 5 a.m. means 7 a.m., or worse, 12 noon. Time is money.
"In Hollywood, you can be replaced at any time, even [if you’re an] actor.
“We were told stories about lead stars being replaced. Promotion is also well done and well-planned.
"Seems like they work as a team. Everybody pitches in unlike in Pinas where it seems like the director has all the say.”
Sabi pa niya, “I may be wrong. That’s my feeling lang.”
DISCOVERY CHANNEL STINT. Sa pakikipag-usap ng kay Valerie, nalaman din namin na kailan lang ay nag-guest siya sa isang show sa Discovery Channel at sa isang UK Production.
“I appeared in Discovery Channel before, twice in the show I Shouldn’t be Alive. Lately, I shot for Locked Up Abroad. It’s a reenactment of people who got imprisoned in a foreign country and they tell their story.
“It was a UK production with a lead actress from L.A. It was a fun and challenging role, this time in front of the camera.
"We shot in a local women’s jail. I didn’t know at first but through conversation, I realized, we were acting with real inmates, detainees. Some had life sentences.”
Nagkaroon din daw siya ng takot noong malaman ito pero mas naging matimbang ang excitement sa ginawang show.
Sabi pa niya, “No need to tell you how scared I was at the beginning imagining the worst-case scenario. What if someone tried to escape during taping or tried to hurt us?
"Actually, I was really surprised the women were very friendly and excited to be an artista for the day or for a week.
“They were happy that we were visiting them and getting to know them. Some women even like it better there rather than the outside life.”
Dugtong pa niya sa naging karanasan, “On my way home, I realized, wow, just being free with no bars, we are already blessed."


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