Dominic Roco reveals he has not talked to his father, Bembol Roco, for two years

Dominic Roco says that he has not communicated with his dad, Bembol Roco, for the past two years. How did this problem start? “Matagal na, e. More than five years yung problema. Two years na kaming hindi nag-uusap ‘ata.”

Dominic Roco is proud and nervous to be the lead star of the 2012 Cinemalaya entry Ang Nawawala.

During the July 10 press conference, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to talk to Dominic regarding this indie film, which will be screened at the CCP from July 20-29, 2012.

He describes his character, Gibson, as a “selective mute.”

He and his mother (Dawn Zulueta) are learning to deal with the death of his twin brother Jamie (Felix Roco).

They are joined in this film by former APO Hiking Society member Buboy Garovillo, among others.

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How does he feel about being the lead actor in Ang Nawawala?

“Siyempre, kinakabahan. Ito po ang biggest project of my whole career. I’m excited but mas kinakabahan,” said Dominic during the interview held at the Dragon Bar in Quezon City.

How is it like working with Dawn Zulueta?

“It was fun kasi marami kaming natutunan sa kanya.”

DOMINIC’S DAD. PEP contributor Mell Navarro asked Dominic if he greeted his father, Bembol Roco, last Father’s Day.

The younger Roco replied, “He didn’t text me on my birthday.”

What is the reason behind their rift?

“No comment,” Dominic said.

In a previous interview, Felix Roco admitted that his father, Bembol, already has a new family.

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How does he feel about the lack of communication between him and his father?

“It’s normal for a son to feel bad that his father won’t try to reach out. It’s normal,” he admitted.

“Somehow I’ve learned to let it pass na lang. Wala, e. Ganun ugali, e. That’s life.”

How did this problem start?

“Matagal na, e. More than five years yung problema. Two years na kaming hindi nag-uusap ‘ata.”


Do you have an idea where he is living now?

“Kamuning. He lives somewhere here.”

Does he know if his dad is happy with this arrangement?

“I know he’s happy. I hear a lot [about] him kasi katrabaho ko po ang mga kaibigan niya, sina Mark Gil.

"Nagkikita sila and they tell me stuff about him. I know what he’s doing.”

Do you find it hard to deal with the fact that you only learn about him through his friends?

“Noong una, oo.’s two years.”

Is there any situation that would lead you to break the ice and talk to your dad, Bembol Roco?

“Sa ngayon, I don’t really see it...talking to him.”

Are you planning to make a move to reconcile with your dad?

“No,” he said simply.

Have you forgiven your dad for what happened?

“Siyempre nandun pa rin yun galit. Pero I can’t do anything, e. Nangyari na. I just have to accept.”

Where do you get the strength to deal with this situation?

“Mommy ko. It’s a family problem so the whole family [knows].”

Do your mom and your dad still communicate?

“Hindi ko alam, e, kasi sa bahay hindi na namin pinag-uusapan.”

How did this situation help you?

“It helped my personality. It helped me become a stronger person. You really have to appreciate life. Make the most of it.”

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