Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer secretly wishes to have “Tagalog-speaking powers”

Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer co-stars with Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales (inset photo) in the upcoming movie Suddenly It’s Magic. This romantic comedy was shot in Bangkok, Thailand and Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

Mario Maurer loves the Philippines.

In a blog conference held Monday night, September 24, the Thai actor told a group of netizen-writers how he loves adobo, a staple Filipino dish, and that shooting a film with Filipinos had been a fun-filled experience.

Through a question-and-answer via Skype, Mario said about the Philippines: “I like adobo, first of all, and I like all the people there.”

He mentioned that his best friend, whom he has known since was a kid, is a Filipino.

“I know that he’s a very funny guy and [a] very happy guy. When I went to your country, I found that everyone is like him!” Mario said about his Filipino friend.

The angel-faced Mario, known for his films The Love of Siam (2007) and A Little Thing Called Love (2010), topbills the upcoming Star Cinema romantic movie Suddenly It’s Magic.

Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales also stars in the romantic-comedy as his leading lady.

Under the direction of Filipino filmmaker Rory Quintos, the movie tells the story of Marcus Hanson (played by Mario), a popular Thai actor, who tries to escape his crazed celebrity status by coming to the Philippines. He crosses paths with the “sassy, Ilocana cupcake girl” named Joey (portrayed by Erich) while hiding out in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

From the unexpected tryst unfolds a "heart-melting, feel-good plot" written by Vanessa Valdez.

During the interview, Mario stated that Suddenly It’s Magic is a special project because it merges two Asian cultures.

He said, “It’s talking about two countries at the same time, in the same movie. It’s talking about the Philippines and Thailand.”


The 23-year-old actor likewise remarked, “After working with the Filipino team, I think you guys are really professional. I learned a lot with the whole crew... including English as well!”

Star Cinema shot the film in Paoay for 21 days last April and in Bangkok for the most part of May.

During the time he spent with his leading lady, Mario learned that Erich is “a very cool girl.”

The two actors were in fact playfully calling each other “bro” (brother) and “sis” (sister) during the said blog conference.

Mario expressed what he likes most about the Filipino culture: “I think it’s mostly about the people because the people there are very nice and they’re very warm and they give me a very cool welcome.

“And of course, every time I’m with the Filipinos… I’m very happy.”

Asked what magical powers he secretly wants to possess, Mario surprisingly replied, “If I had magical powers, I would like to speak Tagalog!”

The actor, according to Star Cinema head Enrico Santos, is becoming more popular not just in South East Asia but in China as well.

Mario said that he would love to establish a “movie career [in] all the countries in Asia, especially in the Philippines where he “loves the people.”

He finally ended the interview by saying, “ If I have free time, I would go to the Philippines not only to make a movie there but I want to go like go to the islands, go to Palawan, and everywhere!”






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