Piolo Pascual on negative write-ups about him: "Kaya nga hindi ako nagbabasa, e. Kasi baka masaktan ako lalo…"

Asked to comment about his former girlfriend KC Concepcion entertaining a French suitor, Piolo Pascual says, “I’ve always wished her well. Wala namang problema sa akin. We wish for happiness. So, masaya siya, masaya din ako.” Meanwhile, the actor’s lovelife takes a back seat as Piolo promises his 15-year-old son that he will settle down only when Iñigo turns 18.

It was about time for Piolo Pascual to speak up after months of eluding the media’s questions regarding his much-talked-about breakup with KC Concepcion.

It was on November 27 last year when the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta admitted in her interview on The Buzz that she and the heartthrob actor have called it quits. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

KC’s statements—“Hindi ako yung kailangan niya sa buhay niya or hindi ako yung hinahanap niya sa buhay niya. And hindi ko mabigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya”—opened up a deluge of interpretations with most of it gone awry.

The hasty opinion formed by the public damaged Piolo’s image as one of ABS-CBN network’s most sought-after actors.

At the press conference of the SunPIOLOGY Run and Star Magic’s give-back concert held yesterday, October 8, at Komrad restaurant in El Terazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Piolo gradually opened up to a room full of entertainment writers, whose questions the actor has been evading for quite some time now.

What initiated it were two random questions that came up midway through the question and answer portion regarding the fundraising event that will happen on November 24 at the McKinley Hills in Taguig: What do you run after and what do you run away from?

In no way could Piolo dodge the question. At least not after his fellow co-Star Magic talents Matteo Guidicelli, Jessy Mendiola, Alex Castro, and Jovit Baldivino braved answering them.

Last to respond, the actor/athlete/philanthropist stated, “I run after healthy living. You want to be able to keep fit.


“I run away from… I guess… you want to run away from the things that make you feel sad or make you feel bad.

“I run away from them to keep a positive vibe.”

Piolo’s answer pushed one writer to remark: “You run away from the press.”

To this Piolo smiled and replied, “Hindi naman po.”

“Maglalambing kami, Piolo,” said the same writer who requested that the actor stay behind for the one-on-one interviews that usually take place after the presscon proper.

Piolo has, for the past months, skipped such intimate interviews with the press.

Meanwhile, more probing questions were thrown during the said press conference.

“Will your ex-lovers be there at the SunPIOLOGY-Star Magic event?” asked one member of the media.

This time, Piolo did not hesitate to answer the question that directly inquired about KC.

“Wala naman sa akin issue po yun, e. Matagal na yun. Walang problema dun."

During the last portion of the question and answer, the 35-year-old actor was asked if he deliberately evades the press.

He admitted to not reading the broadsheets, tabloids, and other write-ups about him.

“Hindi po ako nagbabasa, e. Para hindi ako masaktan.”

He explained, “You want to spare yourself from feeling bad.

"So, tinutulungan ko po yung sarili ko para hindi ako magalit. Kaya wala pong problema sa akin.

“Whatever people say, whatever people do, it’s their opinion.

“Whatever they say, I just shrug my shoulders and, you know, move on with my life. So, wala po akong problema sa kanila.”


Is he running away from showbiz?

Piolo stated, “I’m not running away. It’s part of my life. I have to live with it.

“Hindi po ako… I may seem aloof, I may seem insecure or shy, pero that’s part of my life.

“I don’t run away from anybody. I don’t run away from showbiz. This is my life.”

HAPPY FOR KC. As promised, Piolo stayed behind to entertain more questions.

On top of the inquiries was his reaction towards news items confirming that KC is now entertaining a French suitor named Pierre Emmanuele Plassart. (CLICK HERE to read related story).

Piolo said, “I’ve always wished her well. Wala namang problema sa akin. We wish for happiness.

“We pray for happiness and peace. So masaya siya, masaya din ako.”

The actor mentioned that he is not open to dating showbiz personalities anymore.

“Ayoko sana. Ayoko sana. Masaya na ako ngayon. When the time comes, gusto ko sana hindi showbiz.”

PROMISE TO IÑIGO. Piolo likewise relayed that he is laying low from love.

“Hindi na muna. Saka na yun.”

The actor said that he made a promise to his 15-year-old son that he will not settle down until Iñigo turns 18.

“Three years pa,” Piolo pointed out.

“I promised him I’ll settle down when he’s eighteen. So, hopefully, before I turn forty…

“Lapit na! Three years.

“I’ll be 38. I want to be able to enjoy, just really live my life to the fullest.”


HURT. Regarding his previous statements that he does not read published articles about him, Piolo said that he only means to save himself from feeling angry and hurt.

“I choose what I read. Because para mong sinaktan yung sarili mo. Babasahin mo pa, e.

"At the same time, magagalit ka lang. So, wag na lang.”

He admitted that, yes, he still gets hurt by the tirades of intrigues being thrown at him.

“Oo naman. Kaya nga hindi ako nagbabasa, e. Kasi baka masaktan ako lalo…

“Nakakasakit tayo, nakakasama ng loob. Tao lang. So, ganun e.

"And nasa showbiz tayo, e. Lahat naman entitled sa kanilang opinion.”

He added that his decision to elude the press does not mean he is hiding something.

“I’ve been in the business long enough to say na I’ve always been me.

“Hindi naman ako... wala naman akong itinatago, e.

“Sometimes, nagigising ako, iniisip ko, ‘Bakit ako nasa showbiz? Mahiyain ako, e.’

“E, trabaho ko ito, e. I have to live with it. I just want to breathe, I just want to live.

“So, ito lang talaga ako. Whatever I can offer, whatever I can give, yun na yun.

“Mahal ko trabaho ko. Mahal ko yung showbiz, mahal ko yung mga tao.

“But other than that, hindi naman ako… hindi naman ako masikretong tao. Ito lang talaga ako.”

TRAUMATIZED. In another intimate one-on-one interview with Piolo, the actor confessed that he was traumatized by the intrigues spawned by his breakup with KC.

“That’s why I don’t do interviews,” Piolo said.


“I’m traumatized because… there are things that are taken in a different context."

He reiterated, “I am traumatized. So, you just want to choose the right words to say para hindi ka ma-judge.

“But tao rin tayo. Nasasaktan din tayo.

"Kaya sometimes… I back off. Para maprotektahan ko yung sarili kong pakiramdam.”

Despite such sentiments, Piolo has learned to accept everything.

“Wala naman pong problema sa akin, e.

“Trabaho ko ito, e. Hindi ko ito tatalikuran.

"As long as there’s work for me, as long as there are people who appreciate me…”

Asked how badly was he affected by the intrigues, the actor stated, “I’m hurt for my family.

"Okay ako, e. Trabaho ko ’yan, e. You got to be resilient. You got to know na it’s part of the job.

“Pero sometimes, I feel bad for my mom, e. I feel bad for my siblings. Even my son.

“Kasi hindi naman sila showbiz, e. Pero nasasaktan din sila. They don’t deserve it but parte ng buhay yun, e.

“[Pero] wala tayong magagawa. Parte yun ng pinirmahan kong kontrata.”

NO GRUDGE. No, the actor does not hold a grudge against anyone after what he has been through.

He admits to feeling sad, however.

“Sadness. Madness, wala. Wala akong grudge.

"I don’t hold grudge against anyone. Hindi ako nagtatanim ng sama ng loob.

“Sadness because you wish it was better. You wish naging okay.

“At the same time, may mga tao na masama yung tingin sa ’yo. Sana they knew better. Yun lang…”


Has he finally moved on?

Piolo laughed and said, “Mahirap sabihin yung naka-move on na, e. Ano po ako, e, positive living po ako. Hindi ako nagdu-dwell sa negative so…

“Ang hirap sagutin, e. [Baka] sabihin naka-move on ka na, parang walang nangyari, e.

“So, hindi ko alam kung paano siya sasagutin.

"Masaya na ako sa buhay ko. Pero hanggang dun na lang muna siguro.”

What happens if he bumps into KC?

Piolo responded, “For sure. The time will come na magkikita rin kami. Napakaliit ng mundo ng showbiz.”





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