Disorderly conduct charges against Sam Worthington dropped

Sam Worthington was arrested on Saturday (November 3) for allegedly fighting and had to be subdued with pepper spray. A police source told gossip website TMZ.com that the actor got into a violent argument outside The Vortex bar in Atlanta, Georgia, over the weekend after he was refused entry for being intoxicated and failing to produce any ID.

Sam Worthington’s disorderly conduct charge has been dropped amid speculation he was method acting.

The Avatar star was arrested on Saturday (November 3) for allegedly fighting outside a bar and had to be subdued by a bouncer with pepper spray.

But all charges against the actor were dropped yesterday (November 5) after the bouncer failed to show up in court.

Security man Jerry Link—who handcuffed the 36-year-old actor until police arrived at The Vortex bar in Atlanta, Georgia after he allegedly pushed the doorman for being refused entry because he appeared intoxicated and failed to produce any ID—claims he had no idea Sam was an actor and never received a notification to appear in court.

He told gossip website TMZ.com that he presumed the Australian actor was a homeless man because he arrived at the bar and grill wearing a dirty sweatshirt and carrying a pile of clothes.

Jerry also claimed that upon being pepper sprayed Sam—who is currently in the city filming his new movie Ten alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he is playing a DEA agent—began screaming: "I’m a DEA agent. You f**ked up now."

All charges against the actor have now been dismissed despite reports that the incident was captured in full by the bar’s security cameras.

Earlier this year, Sam said he was trying to live a calmer life and admitted he can be a very difficult person to live with.

He said: "I think I’m still a very difficult person to live with, because my motor’s always running but as you get older you try to slow down and live life at a calmer pace."


Although Sam is from Perth, Australia, he has recently put down roots in Hawaii by buying a home because his dog needed somewhere to live.





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